The odds are the closed beta will have a NDA but the open beta will not.

I was to poor to go but i would of loved to of been able to go and play.

I would say no due to the game play we have seen the ships kind of go form damaged to gone in the blink of an eye so you would have to be in the pod well before you hit the point the ship is done for.

I just hope that SP mode will mean some kind of co-op type missions since the AI will all ready be in place for it.

I think a small icon on the side of a ship with B would be nice.

I don`t mind if i get nothing if i am lucky enough to get picked to play the beta that been said i would be more than happy with just a basic ship skin or title or rank.

I hope so i dislike having to pick a new name can take days or more to come up with a good one.

The odds are it will run fine on windows 10 even if most people will still be running windows 7.

Its looking great can not wait for the beta.

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I was starting to think i needed to sign up again till i got one.

got what?an email?how?

I got to the page that said i was signed up like Drakane posted there is no email you just move to a confirmation screen.