I don't see any more point in trying to answer you. You either turn a blind eye to the obvious, or see a picture at rose-colored glasses.

"they are not OP" - because they wasnt. We had normal, equally powerful ship without stretching 1 vehicle 5 tiers. Athos can kill Gora as easily as the reverse. Was only skills and tactics. Or do you seriously think that all the angry posts people write just because bored? Open your eyes, not all changes are positive and I hope we don't go way like WarTunder. The point of no return. When there is no desire to play the game or trust to the developers.

I won't be trying explain something to you any more.

Odin#5262 posted (#post-54872)

Cizjut#6996 posted (#post-54786)

Tiers were a mistake.

Hate me or not,but i still like the idea,maybe rearranging some abilities,some ships too,but the whole progression change made Dreadnought more fun to me.Again,before people starting going crazy,i am talking about myself..But here and there some people on matches,claiming they like it too,crazy people must be..

P.S. @Liguan , Hero ships are not a "p2w".In normal circumstances,a tier 4 same class normal ship can have much better loadout..Its just they seem terrifying against tier 1/2 right now.Which makes sense..

Now, it this moment, squads of Kali+Gora is p2w, don't argue with the obvious. Take T2\T3 team and try to kill Gora with 2 Kali's. Please do not write nonsense. I often saw scores 100\4-8, K\D 19\0 , and you're trying to say that this is normal? No one would be talking about it if others also had a T4, but from battle to battle, you get to T2\T3 vs T4 squads blatantly using poor matchmaking. So, for now its P2W.

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That tech tree progression is brilliant!

just for you understand people, it said "players" (both of them) exploiting T4 squad's

  • Fun fact

Players: we would like to see more ships

Developers: we introduced a bunch of new ships! It may seem that it's just old ships stretched at 5 tiers, but its new!

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. This situation should resolve itself as the beta ramps up and the numbers increase.

I wouldn't be so sure. No reason to play game, where the sides chances of winning are not nearly equal. You know about the problem but do nothing, just hope "numbers increase". Want a solution? How to easily fix all unbalanced matches problems? Turn off premium ships for a while. 1 Month for example. While you'll not notice serious problems like T4 spamm I would not expect "numbers increase", outflow only. 6 my friends temporarily stopped play, gess why? I hope it is clear.

The game became a lot worse than it was, now I'm sorry that I supported the developers by buying both premium packs. The developers have created the conditions and the players blatantly using them to have easy wins by spamming T4 Gora+ Kali. Game dead for me, client is deleted now. Until positive changes do not advise anyone to run game.

+1 GP and credits shows 0, and i cant even buy anything cheap. Relog dont help, always show 0

I suggest disable capability take premium T4 ships for few weeks.

Developers look at statistics! A lot of "players" just blatantly exploit it, they have no great skills, or tactics, just use overpowerd ships like Kali+Gora. They killed equal chance's of teams to win.

Illusion's, Lord_Griffin,TheBorg - open statistics of this noballs pressXtowin players an look what u done. I counted at least 10 players. who made squads on T4 ships for easy win.

PS: i had all premium ships. but don use them if dont see T4 in enemy team, because it kill the already unbalanced game

Any official Ru language in game after relise?