Dude, you should NOT be a moderator in this, or any other forum.

No matter WHAT anyone posts, they're wrong, and YOU can do IT better, and that no one is good at this game.

Completely arrogant at every turn.

Once more people come from the Holy Steam Launch, you will get yours handed to you.. trust this......

This is why I uninstalled.. exactly this..... T4's, when modded out, do NOT belong in a game with T3 ships......

Steam can't fix mechanical issues with the game, such as the HUGE gap between fresh T3 ships, and the full modded seal clubbing T4 ships.

We're arong, of course. Just ask the mods, and some of the Champion players we have around here......

Sayonara#7054 posted (#post-119040) said:

Cause i tired of games, with suffering model of ingame progressing.
What i mean? I mean situation, when u need play at boring and not interesting (for u) ship to unlock desired ship or/and ability (officer briefings). I mean situation, when u need play at wittingly weaker ship (t3 vs full-modules t4). And we do it in hope to future equal matches, but this hope - is a lie. I saw how deceptive this hope in several another games.

P.S. What we expect from session arena games (which is dreadnought too): equal conditions to players in match, when win depends on player skills, and some unexpected tactics. We desire get fun (games=fun); and gladness from glorious victory over an equal opponent. We full of suffer, tire and boring monotonous labor from work, and don't want get same feelings from game (remember game should be = fun)

Thnx, bye.

Older thread, but, you're 100% correct... the new T3 to old T4 gap is huge..... people want to blame Matchmaking, or say Steam will fix everything, and theres tons of people full of Champion Stuff saying we're wrong......

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-217142) said:

The grind is bad is you are not that good at the game. I don't buy elite as it would be a waste of money for me as my play time is very sporadic. I've managed quite well with out elite. The only thing I've bought have been cosmetic items/hero ships.

LOOK, here you are.. AGAIN.... of course, it must be the forum poster who is bad at the game, ant nothing with the game itself........

No, the problem IS fresh T3 ships against the fully modded T4 ships. Yet again, though, we are wrong.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-223617) said:

T3-T4 play is very different to T1-T2 play. As You have officer breafings that really shake up the game play. Where as you could go off on your own in recrute matches, doing that in veteran matches is seldom a wise move. The way the game is played form veteran up is move team focused. T3's can beat T4 ships. They Just have to be smart about it.

But that is not to say you don't have a point. As it is something I've wanted myseif.

And here you are again, telling people who feel this way, that we are wrong.....

And... none of this addresses the vast gap between T3 and T4 ships, which is why I just uninstalled this game.....

Really wanted to go further with it, had an eye on a few premium ships to boot......

But, the Mods and Champion Stuff Forum regulars are here to tell us who feel this way, that we are wrong.

And, we got another useless annecdote from Belial, who, it seems, has to contribute to every ... .single... thread......

As I posted in another thread, the balance gap between brand new T3 ships, and fully kitted T4 ships, is vast.

I'm tired of getting Seal Clubbed, it is absolutely NO fun.

I've had the forum regulars, the ones all full of Champion Stuff, tell me I got to T3 too soon, I need to adapt, yadda yadda...

I've had Dev's / Mods tell me Steam will save us all.

None of this sage advice addresses a real problem.

Glad that many of you sat through it, and got past it. I'm not being farmed in a NO FUN area of this game.

This is NOT a new issue, and going back through the search function, I can see that this type of feedback is essentially falling on deaf ears.

Good Luck with the Steam Launch.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-223897) said:

I don't mean to sound arrogent when I say this becaue i don't mean to, but did you ever concider you moved up to veteran too quickly? In veteran you get access to officer breafings that change the way your ship can work. I personally spent months playing in Recrute till I felt i was good enough, and had learned that the ship classes could and could not do. I still get killed by T3's now. normally the T3's that get me have good awareness, and don't run off on there own. a good balanced team will normally win out. Maybe get 5 T3's before you play in veteran so you can "cover the bases" at it where so oyu can fill the gaps your team is missing and help them win.

And that's MY fault, that I moved up 'too quickly'? Play game, get ships?

This game isn't my first rodeo. I'm probably older than almost any two of you. I've been online gaming since the FIRST online shooter came out, Quakeworld.

I also have played War Thunder, and Mechwarrior Online, for YEARS, and I'm an above average player in those, and any other shooter/shooter sim I play......

The fully modded T4 ships are too powerful vs. new T3 ships. Period.

I was hoping the Get Gud garbage wasn't going to pop up, but, I guess these people are all over the place.

To the DEV/Moderator:
HOW is getting more new, inexperienced people into the game answering the OP'ness of T4 ships over the T3 ships? It isn't.

WHen the opposing team is 75% modded out T4 ships, avoiding them isn't a thing... also, who wants to play a shooter game where I don't shoot things.....

"Just keep chanting the Greybox Mantra: "Steam is good, Steam will fix all" seems to be what is happening here.

Brother Belial:
"There really is the key thing to this game, is adapting. The team that adapts is the one that wins."

Really dude? Adapt is the answer... not to address brand new T3 ships vs. fully modded out T4 ships..... yeah, and Steam will save all.

As I said, this isn't my first Rodeo.. I looked around, and this T3 vs. T4 thing is nothing new, it's been brought up more than a bad meal.

Good luck with the Steam launch, and wish me good luck with my extra Hard Drive space......