Listen to this man. I wholeheartedly agree. The ideas thrown in by the OP is similar to Path of Exile (another f2p game) which is successful.

Jamodon#5053 posted (#post-88365)

It's in all our interests that Dreadnought makes money. Here is a cohesive scheme to do that without alienating much of the playerbase and their wallets.

  1. Remove the tier system entirely. Seal-clubbing isn't fun for beginners OR experts. Sell the cool re-skins as cosmetics for ~$5-$20 instead. They are really cool, not just recolors! People would be glad to buy them at this price point if other F2P games like League of Legends / DOTA2 are any indication.

  2. Go back to a linear progression system. Sell a boost to XP/Credits like you are doing now. Start with 1 ship of each class. Spread the ships out so you don't unlock more than 1 per level. This is a much less frustrating way of encouraging players to try out new classes - people will WANT to play with their shiny new toys when they unlock them, not feel like they HAVE to before they can have fun.

  3. Sell paint colors for $1-$2 each that players can use on any ship. If players just want to buy a color for a particular ship, sell it for $.50. Require these to purchased with premium currency. This worked well in Mechwarrior Online (MWO).

  4. Sell ship patterns, prows, etc. for $.50-$5 depending on how cool they are. Require these to purchased with premium currency. If you want, make one set of cosmetic items (symbols/sprays/stickers?) unlockable only by reaching certain levels or getting certain achievements to get new players into cosmetics.

  5. Sell extra ship bays for ~$.50-$2 each. Players could still only bring 5 ships to each battle, but let them keep configurations saved that they can easily swap into their active fleet. Again, this worked well in MWO.

OR, the nuclear option(!):

1. Charge $40 for the game, drastically speed up progression / remove elite time, and make cosmetics slowly unlockable with in-game currency or unlockable immediately with premium currency. Overwatch uses this system and I was more than happy to pay for it knowing I'd be playing for fun instead of to grind.

I think the detailed justifications for each of these suggestions have all been made before (or others can go into more detail in the comments). Please, devs, help us help you and make Dreadnought something we want to spend money on.

  1. Strong Negative

  2. Negative

  3. Strong Negative

  4. Negative

  5. Strong Positive

  6. Strong Positive

Would you change maintenance, and if so how?

D. Remove it and rebalance the credit rewards.


Alex_Rowe#0215 posted (#post-66845)

Which is the entire point... we choose not to play this grindfest trash any more... and having (much) fewer players is ... NEWSFLASH... BAD for the game.

Get it through your thick white-knight skull... just because you happen to not hate progression 2.0, does not mean that the hundreds of other testers that have stated that they do hate it are wrong.


We should remain civil. Odin has his extreme view and does not want to budge from it. There are also who aligned with his views too.

You and me and others too are opposite to Odin. I have also fed back that this grind is not how I imagined to playing game and hate the GP to convert currency mechanics and the crappy maintenance system.

I do feel that the lack of matches springing up does speak volumes which views is held in the majority

Well said

I wish the devs had not tried to complicate what was a simple and addictive formula pre this horrid patch. Now, I am running out of GP to convert into the FREE XP which is not FREE! I cant even get top places resulting in loser tax and net income of 0 credits. WHAT A WASTE

DN_MiguelItUp#0468 posted (#post-54777)

It will take some time for us to get Dreadnought to a point where it feels right across the board, just bear with us. It's what we plan on doing through the closed beta and then some. smile It's looking like the hotfix tomorrow will contain the matchmaking adjustments that were expected in next weeks. So that's something to look forward too. We'll be talking more about it as soon as we receive more info, for example, the time it lands tomorrow, etc.

This is encouraging to read. That the devs still have a commitment to "get DN to a point...." which implies they will listen to us beta players at least!


Well said sir!

How can I give this man a "like" or "reputation"

Liguan#3078 posted (#post-54880)

I don't see any more point in trying to answer you. You either turn a blind eye to the obvious, or see a picture at rose-colored glasses.

"they are not OP" - because they wasnt. We had normal, equally powerful ship without stretching 1 vehicle 5 tiers. Athos can kill Gora as easily as the reverse. Was only skills and tactics. Or do you seriously think that all the angry posts people write just because bored? Open your eyes, not all changes are positive and I hope we don't go way like WarTunder. The point of no return. When there is no desire to play the game or trust to the developers.

I won't be trying explain something to you any more.

Odin i believe is saying that there is a problem where some captains will use Tier 4 against tier1 etc but, that is because the matchmaking allows it. That is the cause. If the matchmaking did not allow tier 4s to be matched up with tier 1/2 then there would not be this mismatch. That aspect of the crappy MM will be temporarily fixed.

The hero ships have tier 4 modules and briefing and weapons so, logically he is concluding that would rip apart tier 1 or 2 etc

I still hate the, need GP to get the damned XP to get the upgrade ships blah blah blah.....hate it.

Take the need for GP to get the currency for upgrades and we have a deal!

I realize the devs want to make money but right now, seems I have spend a fair bit to get to and complete tier 5!

I have the founder's pack and will support through some monetization like micro-transactions for cosmetics items for AESTHETIC customization. Perhaps the devs need to explore the idea about buy once to win but, then sub / membership for extra perks like free aesthetics /cosmetic items. Perhaps we should have a poll about this to give devs an idea.