Jester Syxe



The Issue is not the Bots but the lack of Players. I allways play with the same 20 - 30 People. The Playerbase is probably as low as 100-200. Which is alarming. Don't know how long thsi Game will still be alive if the Company does not bring in a massive amount of Players.


Ok I will just try what you guys said. Kinda glad I don't need to play Corvettes^^

So I had just a few matches in Veteran Mode where the Corvettes completely and utterly dominated everything. I tried to use my usual Tactical Cruiser but there was nothing I could do against the 3 Corvettes from the Enemy.

So I asked in Chat what we are going to do about it and they all agreed to just use Corvettes ourselves. So in Total there were like 9 Corvettes in the End and some other ships I don't even remember.

We still lost this battle but it was close in the end. Since then I only played my Corvette and it got alot better. But is the Corvette really the only Ship Class that is viable? I really liked playing Tactical and healing my teammates and sometimes I played Dreadnought which was also fun. But I don't want to lose all the time so are there any other viable Ships or do I have to stick with the Corvette.