I agree with all of what you said Darkloser. My thoughts are that this is either just concept art or it is a preview to them taking an interest in our well-thought-out Carrier idea. This entire game and it's makeup has been great about keeping in touch with it's fans. I myself have gotten several responses from the Dev's through FB in the past to prove that they are actively paying attention to what is being said. I hope that our cries have once again been heard.

I still think they should drop that skill from Dreadnoughts and place it in it's own Class. As I stated earlier it could be based off a DoT/Regen-like ability system. Sending Fighters at a target would deal light damage but over a period of time just as in fantasy games you have spells such as Immolation which cause a burn that burns for so and so time period with a cooldown. Whilst you have that light damage for offense you could also carry on as I stated before with repair fighter drones which preform some HoT's(Heal Over Time). This would also run on a regulated CD. Take out the thoughts of Withdrawing fighters and picture them as units that take flight, fire off their ammo stores, and are forced to return for restock and repair. There is no need to withdraw a unit early. Instead focus on adding in, as a third ability, an anti-aircraft weapon as a carrier would have.(A unit that specializes in a certain tactic normally is made to counter the same). And for the fourth and final ability you should incorporate a Bomber Squadron that deals heavier AOE but has a much longer Cooldown. For a more in-depth look at my version refer to my previous post. I spent like half an hour working out balancing issues and explaining the skills while following the current Ship formatting. Each Ship has 4 abilities, etc...

I saw a few of the gameplay videos, mainly the AngryJoe vid since he does a great job explaining things, and am sold. I signed up for the Beta as soon as I heard about it. Been pestering Pax on FB about Beta ever since they spammed all their "Reviews" XD Personally I hope I get a Beta Key and can share this magnificent piece of work with the community through detailed reviews, and perhaps when they allow us, gameplay videos of my own. Till then I sit and twiddle my thumbs fidgetting in place waiting XD

I agree and disagree Thasarion. I agree that they do not need a long cooldown except in the case of balancing issues. But I do not believe it should be relative to how long you send them out. Yes it is more realistic that way but a fighter only has so much fuel/ammo before it would need refitted. And for the most part the abilities I have seen such as in the video with AngryJoe, the abilities are "Pop and Drop" style, meaning you activate the ability, wait for the CD to end, and move along. There is no "Let me use half my missile silo" or "Let me jump only halfway so I save on Cooldown". It is a set limit and a set time. Which works or gaming. If they built it based on my structure you have the standard 4 abilities, and each one has a purpose and alternating CD giving them a base just as any other ship in the game. However I do need to mention that in my previous layout I did not distinguish what type of Primary or Secondary Weapon would fit. I do believe an Anti-Aircraft battery is self explanatory if Carriers are implemented to give them an obvious counter against other Carriers fighters. For Primary however I would assume a Torpedo system or Flak Cannon works since the primary focus of a Carrier is not close combat but Support with Launched units.

Personally I shall endeavor to fly the Heavy Dreadnought Class as a main unit. I run fairly well with tank builds and managing energy efficiently. I prefer being able to leap into the fray and batter down the foe with a barrage of weapon fire. This also follows in with my Space Captain RP normally.

Secondarily I shall be using Corvettes for their stealth, scouting abilities. I shall seek out my foes for my allies, notify them of their locations, pop out of hiding behind, beneath, or above my target and rain down a torpedo volley upon them before shifting energy to Engines and dashing away.

Thirdly I will probably run a Tactical Cruiser because I am a big team player. I love playing Support Roles, granted I prefer to provide Support Fire, I do think we will need strong healers in the coming battles.

And finally I will run an Artillery Cruiser on rare occasions for as I stated before I do enjoy playing Support Roles. I am a decent Sniper in other games including but not limited to Galactic Starfighter in SWTOR, and a few other games. I wish to support my team with pressure and suppression fire giving our bigger ships a chance to close the distance and rain an assault upon our foes.

I agree with the Carrier idea and that of the AI controlled Game Mode. However I think it would need to be an Ability as discussed earlier and not a "Controlled" group of fighters. That would be far too complex for players who aren't used to swapping units like mad, and it would leave your Carrier vulnerable to attack since you are looking through the eyes of a fighter. This is about SHIP controls not Fighter controls. The Carrier would hang back, send out aggressive, defensive, and supportive units that can bolster your team's strategies.

I think there should be standard Fighters for close range ship to ship combat to defend the Carrier dealing damage much the same way as a DoT but this can be countered if the Fighters encounter other Fighters, Repair Drones for obvious support reasons, perhaps a long range Bomber squadron to put pressure on enemy ships from afar, and I think there should be a defensive Interceptor squadron to be launched as an Anti-Missile system.

I believe that the control of these ships can go one of three ways depending on your target.

-You can activate a Repair Drone to target yourself, or your Allies individually. This prevents Repairs from becoming too OP. They can only be sent out to one ship at a time to prevent massive healing.

-You can activate Fighters with yourself targeted as a Defensive Bubble of sorts so when an enemy ship draws within a certain range the Fighters engage and begin to deal Damage Over Time to the enemy ship. Alternately you can activate the Fighter ability while a nearby foe is targetted(Within a certain range) which sends out your unit to deal DoT damage to the target. Or for the final option you can cast this ability on a friendly unit to give them the same "Bubble of sorts" to them for the time period designated. This gives the Carrier a bit of Support Power to assist in combat instances.

-You can target distanced foes with the Bombers as the Carriers main long ranged attack. These units will deal a heavier DoT but also perhaps inflict a Status effect such as Slow or perhaps increase foes Cooldowns due to the Harassment. This is the main focus of a Carrier after all, to carry out Support to a Fleet.

-And finally I believe their should be a Defensive Interceptor Ability. This ability can target yourself or your Ally. These smaller squadrons have the ability to shoot down missiles. (With a % rating so it isn't an God Shield or anything) These ships can be sent out to follow an Ally who is going into Enemy Territory and grant them a "Bubble" of sorts. Or it can be used to protect the Carrier itself if someone is attempting to wipe it out with a Missile Barrage.

Finally I would like to point out that my Idea for each of these abilities should have a Time Limit for how long they can be out and about much like how a Spell in many MMO's does not last infinitesimally. These ships would have low fuel since they are not meant to travel far(Minus the Bombers) and would have a time elapse before they must return to ship. For example a Repair Drone only lasts 30 seconds healing for so and so amount of Hull Damage. The Cooldown is 2 minutes upon the end of the Drone's Effect ending. Likewise the DoT Damage would only last so long as would the Bombers. However I do believe the Bomber should have a slightly Longer DoT ability since this will be the Carrier's main source of Damage.

One final note. I believe that the Carriers should not have Dreadnought level shields and hull but should have a slightly less tiered level of Hull Strength and several tiers of shielding below Dreadnoughts. They are big, slow, and vulnerable to attacks. This is why they are classified as Support Vessels.

I like both of these ideas. A Carrier would fit my own request that they increase the size of their battles and implement more strategy. Having Drone Ships flying about dealing slight damage or popping off missiles before they crash into you would be a great boon to your team.

On secondary note I also approve of the Hull choice idea. I think the type of hull should be interchangable. Perhaps a strengthened Bow for Harder Rammings but as a trade off your turning speed is lowered. This would create a variety of playstyles and give even more strategic Value in teams.

I'm sorry but I have to agree with everyone here. Though it adds realism it does however take away from the gameplay and does not account for instances such as "During combat your crew is always in a Pressure Suit" such as is the case in many Scifi battles. Combat signal goes off and everyone is locking down helmets to be sure not to die or sealing down Magnetic boots in the case of a breach. However all of this is a mute point as this would create a negative response to new players. How would you feel starting off in a battle and taking a direct hit to your bridge and instantly losing all control of your ship for the rest of the game?

I am with Droste in my first question. Will you be introducing a Damage Model for ships? I think it makes more sense that a Dreadnought with thick broadside hulls would not take as much damage as a direct hit to it's engines. Or a missile crashing into the Bridge would deal much more damage and create confusion, and weaken the ship considerably. This would give your games a more realistic feel and give you all a grand separation from games that focus on "Oh my ship got hit anywhere so now I'm losing" kinda jive. It would give players a new form of strategy to take on, and force other players to shore up their defensive maneuvers.

My second question is, will you be increasing the battlefield size? Allow more than 5 players to a team? Imagine a field of 10 vs 10. 3 Dreadnoughts, 2 Battleships, a few gunships and fighters all battling about in the skies above to gain dominance. Imagine larger fights on the scale of a full on Space War. 2 factions colliding with ferocious might as the mighty captains must band together to wipe out the opposing force!

Ladies and Gents I want this game to be the top game in this genre. And I hope you take my suggestions seriously. I approve of your dedication to this die-hard fandom. Now let it flourish to even greater heights!