Hi Guys,

I'm just addicted in this game and in my opinion this game it's a masterpiece strategy combat game. Do you intend make a update to improve the graphics on PS4 Pro guys?

Plz Kokurou#3759, add me


This DISCORD resource its only for the PC version? I'm looking for a clan but I only play in my ps4 console

Hola amigo Maxenergy ¿Dónde juegas, PC o PS4?

HI Kokuro, I sent a friend request on PSN. ;-)

Tyrian#8600 posted (#post-222572) said:

It's usually an unfair battle as there is a professional squad in one team and none in another. The squad members can talk to each other to coorperate closely and to select ships with proper combination of models to fight. This will give them a huge advantage than other single player. So it's always a crashing fight by one team during any types of battles.
Regarding the experience of most single players, in order to help them enjoy a wonderful battle with both losses and wins, the squads should be banned. Or at least, give a restriction in the matchmaking to the squads. There should be squads in both teams to balance the battle. If there is only one squad waiting in the matching, it shall never be added in any match until another squad join in, or it dismisses itself.

Hi Tyrian, I agree with you. sometimes my team lost the round in few minutes, but major time I play with amazing co-op guys. What makes this game a good game is the team mate strategy. This is not a Sci Fi Counter Strike. What do you think you and me start a brand new squad? The Squad is five pilots, who is the next volunteer? My PSN nick name is FAEL78RJ


I love it. After this update I had a freeze issue but nothing that I can handle. Next update, the Corvettes could be roll maneuvers, I'm not corvette pilot entusiast but this could be the game more competitive cause this ships it's so weak and another manuevers to escape would be welcome ;-)