Like Kernel Panic it happens quite often, sometimes 4 straight times. only recruit and veteran

slashw / Feronia, Athos and Grenada

edit: adding 2, t5 ships

Thanks for the replay Dragonyhus & SmokerT69, I did not no that.

I will look in that subforum.

I have as of yesterday a T5 Tactical cruiser, from that time I get no more legendary games.

Somebody else having that problem?

I waited 30min to get a game and still nothing.

Recruit and Veteran is no problem.


Same here, I can login.

Then it gets stuck at the loading screen.

Before that I was playing a game. With the earned points and credits, I wanted to buy some modules for the Vigo.

Ha...... it takes 40.000 credits.....and no modules.

Just giving a "module error"

In that session I wanted to play, but that gave a "matchmaking error"

And now not further than the loading screen.