Been having a lot of fun in this game and I want it to continue to develop greatly. It got discouraging though after having focused the grind towards a Jutland only to unlock it and discover that its main guns are so poor. Being slow and tanky is understandable but those primary cannons are an insult to the ship and make spending all the time and points on it remorseful. Also the great expense of obtaining a Jutland now requires even more investment to fully research it, all the while being hindered by those astoundingly inadequate primary weapons. It's just not right.

KaraMon#0559 posted (#post-133089)

But massive cannons do nearly no damage smile even at point blank range . They should have high alpha damage low fire rate .

^This and slight bit o' speed would be nice.

I think the expectation and desire that players seek in such a vehicle/weapons platform is massive damage from those main cannons. Doesn't seem unruly to have primary weapons be primary and secondary serve their role accordingly.

The Jutland "With its heavy-caliber guns..."

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