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Having a P2P option wouldn't really help the game. Your friend could turn up to a match and still get eaten alive byTbyT3's that have more experience. If he wants to skip the grind he can with hero ships. Sure they can't be customised, and are generally considered really bad past T2, but that's the price you pay to "skip" the grind.

Getting beaten because someone played better than you is vastly different than getting beaten because someone has ground out more upgrades. It's vastly preferable because player skill should matter while the sheer time you played shouldn't.

From your description, it sounds like hero ships are a trap aimed at the players that want to pay2play but don't actually have that option. Is that accurate?

Also, can you elaborate on why it wouldn't work? If everyone is on a level playing field and you lose because you played worse or they have better teamwork, I would hope that's working as intended.

Hey folks.

My friends don't like F2P games because of the grind to have power and flexibility. What if there was paid entry option for 60$ upfront to have everything up to and including T4 unlocked?

I realize in the distant past this company looked at wargaming and dollar signs shot out of their eyes so they cloned their F2P model and scrapped the previous progression. Maybe there's an option to combine the P2P and F2P models?

Personally I've come back after a long while and hopped back in base t3 ships, the grind is tolerable as I focus on improving my gameplay and I have a relatively high tolerance for grind. My friends just pass on the game because in most modes someone else has straight up bigger numbers because they've been playing for longer, yet don't blink at tossing 60$ to access the full game (insert recent multiplayer shooters here). I picked T4 as my example because that's maxing out veteran, which could qualify as a full game with legendary as the optional extra.

"A great many mobile titles make use of mechanics that are put together with the intention of nurturing habitual behavior, frustrating a user, and then offering a slightly more enjoyable experience after money has been spent. This tactic has proven to be a more profitable model than actually offering entertainment, to the point where some companies take very careful steps to ensure that their games don't accidentally end up being fun."

I'm quitting until something is done about maintenance.

I picked up the beta two days ago. I figured it was a world of tanks clone in space, which sounded cool to me. I do really like the actual fights in game. I got two T3 ships and began playing them with auto-maintenance enabled, figuring that ill earn creds for the third one while playing my shiny new ships. I played for 6 hours and didn't have enough for the last ship I had already researched, so I unticked the auto maintenance box. Earned 1700 creds, top of the team, still slapped with a 900 cost loss. Did worse, earned 1200 creds and a 900 loss.

Between the 10 minute queues and this ultra grind, no thank you.

If devs are able to change the game at this point in the game, please copy the overwatch model of 40$ for all functionality and $ for cosmetics. The core combat is fun.