I play my Dread and I'm lucky to get 2 kills...

I have to agree capitals shouldn't move with speed and agility (its not mario cart) I think the idea was to give the players the feel its a massive ship.

Corvettes is why I stopped playing, they are an unbalanced ship took the fun factor to 0 and sadly I see it hasn't changed. I was looking forward to seeing the changes and giving the game another try.

This is disappointing. Somethings never change.

All hail the spinning wheel of Doom !

Don't let fear over power you little brother . There is power in focus and training. Even the helmet wearing window lickers can be a scary force when they work as a team. And like the others said its a Beta..LoL Have fun.

I was skeptical at first. Could they pull off the feel of these massive ships ? I believe the did it rather well i'm hooked. I was supposed to be playing another game with clan mates but a small band of other clan mates directed this game at me and to say the least i'm hooked. I feel like i'm a bad person for it but it feels soo good lol BRING ON THE DREADS !

Got the friend invite then bought the pack. Server says its down ?