You would be provided access to the content from each pack. As each pack offers the same ship, you would gain access the one time as that is all that is required to make use of it. You will gain access to the rest of the content from both packs as well.

Hi Totem! Your friends can gain immediate access by purchasing one of our Founds packs here. You can also keep an eye on our Twitter page for all of the latest news and contests!

Hi All! Please submit a ticket here and our Customer Support Team we'll be happy to help!

Please try closing out the launcher completely and and logging back in. If the issues persists, please reach out to our Customer Support Team:

Thanks Mantissa! The reports help the team iron out those issues. smile

Thank you for reporting the bugs that you have encountered! The feature does send the reports to the team.

Thank you for your patience Dahkoht! smile

If you have tried logging out of the game and back in and the items are not available. Please contact Grey Box support here:

Hi Caliber, thank you for letting us know. We do appreciate your patience.

Hi Grom! If you received a code to play the closed beta, please go to your Account Settings page to download the launcher.

If you have already downloaded the launcher and are having technical issues launching the game, please let us know.