Agreed. Was thinking having squadmate pips/map markers be gold and semi-permanent; if they move out of minimap range, have a small chevron at the edge of the range so you know where they are.

War Thunder handles this somewhat decently by using a static grid map with squadmates permanently displayed as green.

By UI I mean 'the blue stuff on-screen while playing the game.' Map. HUD. Target pips. FoF. Things that help us navigate and assess targets.

"I need healing."

WHO? Who needs healing? If you're partially obscured by a flower, I can't do s--- because the marker won't render and even if it did, it shows up for like 2 seconds and disappears before I can find it.

"We need to regroup."

Again, where? Not only can I not see a marker, but I can't see the people in my own squad! I have to physically aim at every single ship, waiting until their nameplate decides to render. It can take up to 5 seconds per ship. I can't look at the map because squadmates aren't shown and only a small arc of the map even has player pips at all.

Tl;Dr: Navigation and command/awareness in this game is and has been a nightmare. And despite being unusable, it was somehow made worse with the update to the map design. Please, please re-allocate funds from the "make the front-end menu shinier" budget to the "let me actually find my own squadmates with a competent HUD" slush fund.

Only the play, settings, repair, pause, close and minimize buttons function. Clicking links on the launcher yields no results.

Confirmed with Discord and some DN's that I seem to be the only one present having this issue.

OS: Windows 7 Home, x64 v6.1

Browser: Chrome, set to 'default-all' in system defaults, version 57.0.2987.133

Launcher Version:

DxDiag info on request.

"There are currently no plans to change x"

This is getting to be a running gag when players bring up legitimate concerns and actual broken gameplay.

Flak cannons against a competent corvette pilot are currently worthless. Corvettes need not be in flak range to release their payloads, and even quick transverse runs within the extreme flak range usually results in minimal damage, if the vette pilot aligns his approach conservatively.

Saying "it's easy, all you need is a squadmate to cover you" is also a little disingenuous; not everyone has a pocket healer friend they can drag around with them every time they want to play.

Guessing that buying a Founder's Pack doesn't count as "buying Elite status." :')

Also, considering a Dover can destroy pretty much any T2 artillery (and some destroyers) in ONE RUN, OUTSIDE FLAK RANGE, I'd say there IS a slight problem there. Normally if I'm flying a destroyer, I have to divert my fire to corvettes just because our arties and Tac's can't even touch them.

Here you are.

The rewards don't drop until "after the next major update."

Had the same issue in the Dola. Just stops about 300m short of target and gently nudges them away.

I take it you'll be playing support? smile


Occurred at about 2000 on 12-02-2017, UTC-6


Graphical freeze (sound effect and music continued as normal) for ~1 minute

Followed by brief regain of control

Followed immediately by an apparent desync (weapons and modules would not react to input, movement possible, but NPC's and players flew in circles).



Map: Forgot, sorry. (logfile mentions "outpost" and "highlands," Discord user present says "Kappa")

Ship: Kali

First minute proceeds fine, brief stutter on one occasion when I fire primary repair beam; when it connects to a damaged ship, freeze occurred.

Win 7x64, Nvidia graphics, Asus motherboard, dxdiag on request.

The logfile is 2Mb, so it wouldn't be practical to attempt pasting it here or Pastebin, but I've saved it if it's wanted later.

Note: A line warning about 'game thread stalled, waiting for particles' on the event for the beam impacting repeats for nearly a third of the document, before terminating at:

[2017.02.10-23.53.49:312][974]LogParticles:Warning: Stalled gamethread waiting for particles 0.00ms 'ParticleSystemComponent /Game/Maps/MP/Highlands/MP_Highlands_P.MP_Highlands_PsmileersistentLevel.AB_SU_Per_Tur_HPInc_weapon01_T2_BP_C_291.BeamFX' 'ParticleSystem /Game/Generic/Abilities/Support/Per_Turret_Heal/AB_SU_Per_Tur_HPInc_proj_PS.AB_SU_Per_Tur_HPInc_proj_PS'

[2017.02.10-23.53.49:312][974]LogParticles:Warning: Stalled gamethread waiting for particles 0.00ms 'ParticleSystemComponent /Game/Maps/MP/Highlands/MP_Highlands_P.MP_Highlands_PsmileersistentLevel.AB_SU_Per_Tur_HPInc_weapon01_T2_BP_C_291.ImpactFX' 'ParticleSystem /Game/Generic/Abilities/Support/Per_Turret_Heal/AB_SU_Per_Tur_HPInc_impact_PS.AB_SU_Per_Tur_HPInc_impact_PS'

[2017.02.10-23.53.59:019][134]LogNet:Warning: Network Failure: GameNetDriver[FailureReceived]: Host closed the connection.

[2017.02.10-23.53.59:019][134]LogNet: NetworkFailure: FailureReceived, Error: 'Host closed the connection.'

[2017.02.10-23.53.59:019][134]LogNet: UNetConnection::Close: [UNetConnection] RemoteAddr:, Name: IpConnection_6, Driver: GameNetDriver IpNetDriver_6, IsServer: NO, PC: VH_YPlayerCtrl_BP_C_0, Owner: VH_YPlayerCtrl_BP_C_0, Channels: 63, Time: 2017.02.10-23.53.59

[2017.02.10-23.53.59:019][134]LogNet: UChannel::Close: Sending CloseBunch. ChIndex 0. Name: [UChannel] ChIndex: 0, Closing: 0 [UNetConnection] RemoteAddr:, Name: IpConnection_6, Driver: GameNetDriver IpNetDriver_6, IsServer: NO, PC: VH_YPlayerCtrl_BP_C_0, Owner: VH_YPlayerCtrl_BP_C_0

[2017.02.10-23.53.59:019][134]LogNet:Warning: Network Failure: GameNetDriver[ConnectionLost]: Your connection to the host has been lost.

[2017.02.10-23.53.59:019][134]LogNet: NetworkFailure: ConnectionLost, Error: 'Your connection to the host has been lost.'

Just suggested this in Discord, actually. Would totally be one of the guys in a test server; love a good bug-hunt.

A PTS would minimize whining about downtime on the "main" servers if hot-fixes and patches are tested on a dedicated player-base operating under full expectation of intermittent downtime and crash-reports. Ability to compare builds in development to a 'last good config' build while both are in active operation might take some burden off the dev-team as well.

It's just my opinion that 'open play' may have been a little rushed with the con-current stability issues; player retention and future interest might suffer at this stage.