Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-207140) said:

the player base is simpley not big enought

The_Draco#9081 posted (#post-207143) said:

wel thing is that there are not so many sqads aktive at same time to match them against each other,

that shouldn't matter. throw in the genius olga and melville bots

The_Draco#9081 posted (#post-207143) said:

the next point is that it don't need a coordinated squad to win with the 2-tac-2-dread-combination, cause to play a tac as healer is not that hard to menage, it is maybe the easyest thing in the hole game

yeah. we know. which is exactly why this thread was made. tacts are stupidly overpowered compared to every ship in the game.

The_Draco#9081 posted (#post-207143) said:

so in my opinion they should lower the mainweapon range of tac and mage healing a bit more difficult...

that's something i can agree on, but obviously won't get changed since the developers have the biggest hard-ons for tacts. if my team of random 20 IQ players somehow manage to catch a tact cruiser wandering away from the clusterfck of heals, we still won't be able to kill his bùtt buddy in time because the one we just killed has already respawned shooting his loads into his friend. it's disgusting.

also, seriously..