Yeah, the people that still "complain" here and hate on the game are also the ones that loved it with passion and thus are upset about it when things go downhill.

Currently I dislike many new things they did, and still dislike many old things that they refused to fix, but regardless of all that the base gameplay is still fun (at least when the Matchmaker allows it to be), the skills/modules add quite a lot of depth, and the general feel & sci-fi setting of the game is also more appealing to me than what the rivals have. (looking at you War Thunder)

But still, the devs make such a fine job of making us hate it... I really hope you're right about that next patch...

He left to join the Avengers afaik.

Legendary Fleets can and could always have Tier 4 ships, what are you talking about?

Yeah, agreed... I still wish they just closed for good and sold all of it to a decent studio. The base game is good and kind of unique too; I'd like to see it fixed and improved upon, but it's getting more and more clear that this company won't do it.

In the past, during discussions of balance they've proven on these very forums multiple times, that they either don't fully understand their own games' meta, or just don't care about it anymore. Other times they refused balancing/fixing stuff, because they themselves and a few old and extremely overfed players that they befriended exploited that feature, and they wanted to hold on to it for their own benefit.

Yesterday they were livestreaming too, to popularize the game, and... well the part I saw was quite sad.
Here if you forward towards the middle of the video where the blonde guy (Penguin) is playing... he plays their own game like a recruit at best, making all kinds of mistakes and continuously crying for healers to save him from his own inability. At the same time he just keeps repeating that the game is free and that there are many cool things in the Market. To "show it off" he even made the ugliest Nav I EVER saw (it's around 2h19m)...

Seriously, is that really how you should portray the game? He keeps saying it's fun, but the way he does it, does not look fun at all. If Six Foot is happy with having such a guy leading the marketing+streams of the game, then I imagine the other guys in leading positions are just as "qualified". No wonder the game got where it is now...

If the original Dreadnought really was designed a lot more by Yager than it was by Six Foot, then I wish Yager would take it all over and resume their old ways of doing it all right. I really want to see this game in better hands.

Ofc you can say that I'm too harsh towards these guys and they don't deserve it, some of them very probably does not, but those probably aren't the ones calling the shots. I honestly don't trust in them delivering on their promises anymore, the Steam version was where that should have happened, and it didn't.

SkyRaider#3584 posted (#post-226717) said:

Reasonable prices for items in the market, currency conversion and elite status also drive spending. By their own admission, the first two did not make them much.

Yeah, totally agreed, blatantly obvious imho. If they halved the GP price on cosmetics items, and XP conversion, and also somewhat reduced prices on Hero ships, their stuff would suddenly become affordable to a lot more people. So much so that even though their prices lowered, their income would still increase.

Many companies make this mistake. Six Foot - as far as I can tell - is American, and they assume that since 40$ is like nothing to them (maybe a better lunch costs that much), it's the same everywhere else. It's not!

Then there is the psychological factor too. Even if you're relatively wealthy, when you see that you need to pay like 30-40 bucks for a T4 Hero ship, or pretty much any in-game digital item that has no real value, they'll just say "forget it bi4tch!"... But if that same thing only cost 10-20 bucks, they'd be like "meh, who cares, let's get it!".

Ofc if they reduced the prices on stuff, they'd be less exclusive as a lot more players could/would buy them, but hey, who cares really?! I was never p1ssed if someone had the same paintjob as me, even if they do own it there's a fair chance they have it on a different ship, use different decals, different ship sections, etc... You'll still look unique. All that really changes is that everyone will look unique, not just a few dudes that could afford to not be on the default ship appearances. I don't see no problem with that.

2.5K online players are way too few to keep a studio financially happy, imho... I think they'd need above 10K constantly to keep afloat, growing even.

On another note, I'm not really surprised that FS is failing that hard. I mean, it's not straight up bad, just... something was always missing there, maybe ship customization, or just the general feel of it, idk. I've always preferred Dreadnought.
It's really a solid base to build upon, and would only need some love from the devs... This far however, they've proven to be at least as cold hearted as I am spiteful.

HLP-SafeFromHarm#5061 posted (#post-226704) said:

To those who worked their as$es off to make DN what is was: O7
To those in management who f'd it up for all of us: ╭∩╮(-_-)╭∩╮

Yeah this fish definitely stinks from its' head. There were many signs already way before Steam pointing to serious issues in decisionmaking at the project lead levels... but I honestly didn't believe it's actually that bad. I mean, being willful and ignorant and simple-minded is one thing, but being so much so that you'd even "let your child die" rather than acknowledge your mistakes... now that's one special kind of stupid.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-226702) said:

People have lost there jobs and all you can do is QQ about how the game didn't live up to the hype.

Well I'm not worried about them personally, they don't care how I pay my bills, or how ridiculously much their Market items cost compared to the GDP of a crappy east European country's average wages. No love lost there. Furthermore software developers are sought after all around the world, so it's not like they're going to starve to death now. Finding a job in IT is relatively easy.

On another note yeah, the game still is fun to play, but see that's what makes people like me "emotionally invested" enough to lose my shlt. I love this game, I WANT it to succeed and develop a healthy community and with it a reliable update cycle. I wanted this to be my "go to" game, to play, when I'm bored of everything else. A game that people regularly return to, always find something new, and always have fun. You know, like War Thunder, or Warframe, or World of Warcraft even...

This WAS their chance to get that started, and they failed hard, and on many levels. How am I supposed to be happy about it, or why even? They're just digging the grave now...

SAD-Reclaimer#0656 posted (#post-226689) said:

That doesn't mean that we should stop giving our feedback or critisism, on the contrary, but please keep it constructive. As the former US-president Teddy Roosevelt once said: “Complaining about a problem without posing a solution is called whining.”

So here is a short list of things everyone needs to do now:

  • Don't focus on the things you don't like about the update.

Yeah no, I'm afraid the frustration and disappointment of some people runs too deep for that. I can only tell you the same thing I told Belial: some veteran players aren't just p1ssed by a single bad patch and some random fock-ups, this launch and this version has been a lot more than that.

For me it never really was about the 401 issue, or the -1 Credit issue, or stuff like that. Those are just bugs and issues that can be hotfixed, and only drag the game down for a couple of days. No, that's not it.
What got many people beyond their breaking point is the sudden realization that we were being lied to, feeding our false hopes for many months. According to your quote constructive criticism is still very welcome, and is being listened to by the devs... But the Steam patch has clearly proven that it's not the case. This is the problem.

Do you remember all the constructive suggestions around these forums, and all the discussions about issues that have been going on since as far as the start of OBT? Plenty of feedback - a great many of them constructive, and some of them very well thought out and feasible - has been given to these developers. If they only took half of that to the heart, this game would be currently wiping the floor with War Thunder instead of facing a slow and painful death. This is the problem.

Do you remember all the bullsh1t around here, where they said "yeah good idea, we consider it", and "many good things are in the pipe that we can't yet talk about", and the promises of issues being addressed by this very Steam patch, be it old bugs or blatantly obvious balance issues?
None of that happened, none of it was true! This is the problem.

I feel cheated, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone with that. This isn't just another bad patch. This is a disaster, the factual destruction of everything we were led to believe in.

Belial please, wake up already. LOOK at what they accomplished with their full team this year! Like... nothing!

New features were not delivered, the new UI sucks, the new sounds suck, the balance changes they did are laughable too... for example look at how they "fixed" Adrenaline Shot. There were several great suggestions for handling that one, suggestions that made sense, and look at what they did instead!

Whoever the heck is the lead gameplay designer on this game, should be fired this instant.

And about the launch, no, it isn't a failure solely because of the server issues. It's a failure because they made the game worse, they brought on a plethora of new bugs, and they haven't fixed anything that their veteran players explicitly told them they need to fix before Steam, otherwise they'll scare off new players.

There is absolutely zero good in what they did to the game, Steam launch would have been a failure with rock solid servers as well. This is why some of us - that wanted the game to succeed - are extremely p1ssed off.

Now, looking at what their full team was "capable of", what do you think 2/3 of that sorry bunch will accomplish?