Yup, low scoring players get sh*t rewards, which then get turned to even worse rewards thanks to the maintenance system.

What the most annoying about this is that often it's not your fault that you scored low. For example the top 2-3 spots are nearly always taken by OP corvettes (or an occassional healer in case the enemy's corvettes sucked at taking him out), and the remaining places don't score very well to begin with... combine that with having to play a ship that sucks, simply because it leads to another (different class) ship that you want to unlock, add a pinch of hate towards the said ship, and boom: you get a seemingly endless grind cycle, with constant horrible rewards.

I'm in this boat with the Dola currently, since I want the Kushei. Here's how the Dola destroyer works:

- I want to play a healer, not a destroyer, especially not one that is the worst of its' kind, so I generally hate it to begin with

- It has the mobility of a dreadnought, but none of its' defensive capabilities

- Paired with that "great" mobility and survivability is a weapon set that is only effective within a 3km range (because f*ck logic)

So here's how you do not get rewards with the Dola:

  1. Your weapons are useless at long range, but you cannot go close range because you're waaay too slow for that.

  2. You can try to use your power for mobility to overcome this issue, but then you don't have any defenses other than your Shield, and if you have just used up your power to get in effective weapon range, you cannot raise your shields anymore.

  3. You die miserably.

  4. Since you don't want to feed the enemy team, you decide to fight long range with weapons incapable of doing so.

  5. You shoot heaps of shells in the general direction of hostiles at 5-7km ranges, but so few of your projectiles hit them that the game simply refuses to give you an assist score. Kills at this range are out of the realm of possibilities.

  6. You end the battle with low scores and ridiculously low rewards.

  7. Since you cannot scratch anything at long range and you cannot survive going closer, you decide to play support...

  8. With a destroyer, yes.

  9. Yes it's stupid.

  10. You try to protect tactical cruisers and artilleries from corvettes, but thanks to your primary weapons invisible projectiles you cannot adjust your aim to hit corvettes reasonably, since you don't actually know where you shoot. (other destroyers fire bright shining, colorful unicorn farts, but not the Dola) Your secondary weapon (flak) has so low range and small clip and low projectile speed that it's absolutely useless even against corvettes that target you, not to mention the ones targeting others. You soon realize dreadnoughts with their Repeaters are also better at this than you.

  11. Since you also suck at fighting off 'vettes, you decide to fly around with the weaponbooster module, and hope to get offensive assist rewards from that. Problem is, it often ignores you (probably not passing a certain threshold the same way you don't get an assist for a ship you actually hit shortly before it died), not yielding any scores at all.

  12. You end the battle with low scores and ridiculously low rewards.

Yep, this is my life now...

Anyone#6415 posted (#post-121389)

65k XP + 100k Credits for a direct upgrade (Dola > Blud) or 75k XP and 95k credits for a side-grade (Dola > Koschei)

tyvm... that's sick... I expected something like double the cost of a tier 3, but not 4 times as much... What on earth even justifies this? Certainly not the maintenace costs...

HepTagoN#7086 posted [(#post-121316)](/dreadnought

Dont even try grinding dola. After you unlock all modules required to get koschei you need very huge (for new player) amounts of credits and experience.

Yeah okay, how much does the Koschei, or any tier 4 ship actually costs?

Stupid UI won't tell me until it's unlocked by griding the Dola, and the game's Wiki is awfully outdated as well...

I doubt they would handle this issue with a high priority, if ever, but I have faced similar mapping issues with my hungarian (qwertz) keyboard in the past.

One workaround that I used is SharpKeys. It allows you to remap your keyboard keys in Windows, for example you can map the right control key to press E instead, which brings up the power menu.

It's quite inconvenient tho, although it does get the job done: whenever you change a key mapping you have to relog in Windows and you also cannot cross-map / interchange keys (afaik), but... if you really want to give Dreadnought a shot, then SharpKeys will get you there a lot faster than the game devs...

One thing I do not understand tho is why you refuse to use WASD. You can simply just go into the game menu > key bindings and reassign WASD to ZQSD, etc. Playing with the arrow keys sounds weird, there are not enough useful other keys around them, and they are also too separated.

Yup, it's both stupid and bugged apparently. To change the Flagship in your fleet remove the previous flagship, and remove/readd each other ship so that the one you want to be your new flagship gets in the first slot. Then play a match like this, and only after that can you re-add your previous flagship to the fleet, if you still want it there.

Being a new player it really makes me wonder if it's worth staying... with all these issues that the community is vocal about, but the developers just ignore.

And I'm pretty sure a lot of new players feel the same, so if your (Greybox) goal is to kill the game, you're on the right path...

Converting the XP would require me to invest waaaay more real money into this game than it currently deserves. Aaaand also I happen to be from a poor country so spending dozens of $$ on converting free XP feels like an exceptionally stupid idea in general, for my kind. I'd be fine with maintaining Elite status, but that's about it.

So I'll just have to grind it, sooner or later... smile Well if I don't leave the game as fast as I started it.

Back to the Dola, I really don't get it. How is that ship balanced, what is it good for? Based on the stats you can see in the shipyard, I expected it to play similarly to the Nav and Simagrl, with less protection but better chance at scoring hits in long ranges...

But instead, it has a primary weapon (again I had no way of knowing) that has a high spread to begin with, so it does negligible damage at range since most of your bullets just miss even on stationary targets... but man, when it comes to moving targets, even at medium ranges, it still is a nightmare. Every darned ship I have seen this far fires shining, bright, purple projectiles, it's literally like a unicorn farting out of their guns!...

...and then you have the Dola. With all the invisible little sh*t it fires. I cannot see where my projectiles go, therefore I cannot adjust my aim. How am I supposed to kill stuff this way?

Of course when I started whining about how much it sucks in the ingame chat I got barked at, telling me that the Dola is a close range fighter... But dude, the Dola has the mobility of a dreadnought, but none of its' defensive capabilities, so I have yet to see this one work...

Why isn't the progression system like: "max out any tier 2 ship of a vendor to be able to buy any tier 3 ship from that same vendor" ? So people would still need to progress through tiers but wouldn't be forced to play ships that they hate.

Continuing on that thought, if you have to play a ship that you hate you generally underperform with it, which leads you to earn less credits and face maintenance costs more... which makes that hated grind even worse... Remind me again, are they creating a computer game here, or a new torture tool?

Well the problem with that is that I cannot sell the Dola (in AW for example we could sell our tanks for 50% of the price) therefore I can't yet afford another t3 ship... and I wanted the Koschei for the heavy repair beams that the ... uhm... Aion? cannot have, aaaaand also for the officer briefing that you can unlock on in, which feels like a great addition to healers (I mean tac. cruisers) which I aim to play the most. (I generally play a support role in online games, not that I suck with the others, but it usually feels more needed and I'm fine with not getting all the kills)

I'm starting to feel like the current "economy" of the game is set up so that it handicaps players that have been around for a looooong time enough, in order to prevent them from buying all the t5 ships too fast... But it completely ignores new players, which is a grave mistake.

I just cannot - for the life of me - understand how MOBA games (in the literal sense of the acronym, I'm not talking about LoL and DotA) always manage to have an incompetent, greedy, full-of-sh*t manager/decisionmaker that makes it a pain for players to actually play the game, which leads them to stop enjoying it, which leads them to leave... And then that clueless pothead just sits around wondering why he's not rich yet.

God, if there was only one day in a year when you can freely shoot people... Ofc I'm not that violent tho, but I'd be perfectly fine with shooting said manager up on the Moon... with a card titled 'maintenance cost', saying you have to pay 50,000,000 $ for the return shuttle. Surprise motherf...

Yeah, I did... Then the next match I played crashed in-match. We were about 2/3 into it, when suddenly everything stopped, including the countdown timer and all people could do was chat. But not move, shoot, use modules or anything else. Everyone was like WTF then after about 2 minutes it closed the match.

What the heck was this game in beta for for so long?... UI sucks badly, server is unstable, balance is questionable at best, there are bugs around every second corner (many of them with the UI)... But hey at least they got the economy "right"!...

Thank god it did not charge me for maintenance again this time around...

This is getting ridiculous, the Match that the server hosted just crashed on me... didn't get to the part where you're all picking ships in orbit, instead it tossed me straight back to the shipyard without me playing a second, and BOOM, "here you go fcker", pay another 900 credits for "losing" a match that didn't even start...

Great job guys!