You're barely given any scores for doing support duty (except for healing) or debuffing enemies, and nobody wants to sacrifice their progression speed for the greater good. This is called bad game design, not bad players.

On another note, reworking fleets has been requested many times in the past, they just ignored it. You know why Veteran and Legendary worked well beside each other back when there were enough high tier players to play both of them? Because there is an overlap: Tier 4. It can join both, and is excellent for mitigating issues with the grind.

Same thing needs to happen at lower tiers, but they don't care. Actually you can't say anything to these guys that conflicts with their broken ideas about the game, they don't listen to feedback, even if it's constructive.

As it was suggested - a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away - the fleets should be changed around like so:

Newbie Fleet (new, though not an actual fleet, doesn't really need a matchmaking queue):
Tier 1 only, plays against bots, may be restricted to proving grounds only. Really just for tutorial purposes, and to get ship lines started.

Recruit Fleet:
Tier 2-3, already has access to all current game modes, bots are only used if absolutely necessary. Officer Briefings are forced inactive on all ships.

Veteran Fleet:
Tier 3-4, has access to all current game modes, no bots ever. OBs active.

Legendary Fleet:
Tier 4-5, has access to all current game modes + Team Elimination, no bots ever, OBs are active.

Hate to say I told you so...

On another note, wtf? They had like 200 employees? WHAT on Earth were all those people doing? They were clearly not working on Dreadnought, that's for sure.

A team of a dozen right minded developers and designers could've done twice the job at half the time they did. You know, small studios that actually know what they're doing, like Ninja Theory... What is wrong with this company, how could they mess this up sooo bad with so many resources on their hands?!

I really wish they just sold all rights of Dreadnought to a decent studio, so we could finally get the game that was promised. I'm really sad to see this game go down, but not sad at all to see the studio go down. A mighty sh1tty job that they did...

Games that tend to survive bad launches are usually released by big companies, so they have enough wealth to weather the storm.
I don't think that ever was the case with GreyBox, considering how little they've accomplished since the OBT started, I'd say they're running on fumes.

I do want the game to succeed, I just don't believe that it'll ever happen anymore. Kind of reminds me of Stellar Impact, which was in many ways very similar to Dreadnought, had great gameplay and great ideas... but was also released by the wrong company, which let the game slowly bleed out and die, ignoring all the issues and feedback, and focusing on god-only-knows-what in the meantime. I see the same thing happening here, and it makes me quite sad...

Yeah they do have tons of HP, but if you stay with your team's heal ball you can't really do anything because you don't have any long range weapons, so you're just a glorified bullet sponge. Ofc in that case it's quite a good tank, but won't really get any decent scores to the player. This approach requires healballs to be formed in the first place, and is easily overshadowed by the Simagrl line medium dreads, who also have enough tankyness to bullet sponge, but at the same time can actually both move around and shoot back.

The other option is to equip a jump drive, in which case you automatically lose your armor amplifier, and since you jump "into the fray" you lose your healers as well. At that point you're left alone in the middle of the enemy team, with a 65% / 75% (slow and steady) damage resistance, and pretty much the only thing that could allow you to survive and jump back out is if you've farmed your a5s off earlier to get Desperate Measures...

Quite a sad fate for supposedly the strongest ship in the game.

Another fix promised long ago, that still didn't happen... Thanks to this the only viable loadout on these ships is to make them into "Jumplands", which is quite sad... I mean, the biggest, heaviest ship in the game, THE dreadnought in the game named Dreadnought, should have a lot more pride than that.

Yeah, but it's not just the server and login problems... WHERE is all the cr4p that was promised? Instead of all the fixes and features that were talked about in the past year, the only thing they added to the game are bugs.

It's terrible for both new and old players alike, albeit for different reasons. How can they fock something up so hard, considering they spent many months preparing for this? This!

1 hours of playtime could be meaningless, since that only counts Steam. Some of those reviews could have easily been written by beta players, having hunders of battles behind their backs. Anyways, regardless of who wrote those negative reviews, they're rightfully negative.

No matter how you try to sugarcoat it, this launch is an utter failure. New players cannot play, because half the time the server is offline, while in the other half their progress is blocked by critical bugs.
At the same time veteran players are rightfully p1ssed since they were promised that tons of shlt - some reported over a year ago - will be fixed, including bugs, balance, bad design decisions, you name it. All they did instead of that is making things worse than before.

Since Steam launch is an orbital failure, I'm guessing this studio can now start counting the days they have left, and they very well deserve this fate. They've done like...nothing!... in the past year.

Don't get me wrong, I really want to love this game, it's just that the developers do everything in their power to prevent that. Being a dev myself, I wish I could just take control of this studio and make Dreadnought great again...

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-226595) said:

Steam reviews are often garbage, everyone knows that.

In its' current state the game is too, so they aren't generally mistaken.

In case you have an AMD graphics card, just create a profile for the game in Radeon Settings, and set a framerate limit. (afaik Chill doesn't work with Dreadnought, but if it does, you can use that too). It may affect your in-match performance, but as long as you can set that limit high enough, it won't bother you at all. This game is handicapped by network lag, not input lag.

In case you have an nVidia graphics card like me... well yeah, you're focked, since crapvidia drivers don't offer any frame pacing solutions whatsoever.

It would be really nice if the game itself had an option to limit Hangar fps - a feature that has been asked for for ages! So much about listening to feedback...

Daganisoraan#4391 posted (#post-226556) said:

Okay, took me a good hour to do so, but i just made a grid showing which T3/T4 ships grant which Officer Briefings and a short description of each of them.

The Grid

Hey, this would be quite nice, but also confusing for newcomers who don't yet know OBs. I mean, the descriptions are lacking, for example Get My Good Sides' doesn't state that it only works from the sides. (also worked from the back in the beta, not sure about now)

It's really handy to see where OBs are, but not that helpful when it comes to what exactly they do.

On another note, Dreadnought Datamine is still there, although it hasn't been updated for the Steam version, as far as I can tell.