I'm new to the game (oh well, have played the closed beta for about a day last year, but it was too buggy) and have started to like it a lot more than I've initially expected. Battles - with a good team - can be quite fun, and there are also a few ships I looked forward to unlocking. Have spent the better part of the weekend playing it.

What I really hated through all that time was the UI tho: it's horrible, ugly, very uninformative, and navigating through it is illogical, but oh well...

Anyhow I've bought the Vanguard Pack and started grinding, and have just unlocked my first tier 3 ship, the Dola... and this is where things started turning bad. Real bad:

- First of all in the stupid shipyard UI I had no way to tell what the primary armament of the Dola is... It only says that it has a 7km range and 3km/sec projectile speed, as well as higher damage than the Nav, which sounds quite fine on paper... but man, how this thing sucks! The Ballistic Cannons it has are so horribly inaccurate at range that it's completely useless, even the horribly slow projectiles of the Nav and Simagrl were a lot better. At least they hit stationary targets, the Dola cannot even do that, it's garbage!

So now I have my first tier 3 ship and I hate it, thanks to the lack of test-drive option and the horribly uninformative shipyard UI. Great...

- Funny thing is, I didn't even want this stupid Dola, it's the Koschei that I aim to get, but of course you need to play a Destroyer to unlock a "Healer" because logic is apparently unknown to Greybox.

- And then I play my first battle, "of course" I'm instantly put in a match against tons of tier 4 ships with an incompetent team on my side. I can't turn the tide of the battle the way I usually did with the Nav since my ship sucks donkey b...s, and of course we lose horribly...

Aaaand bang, 900 credits maintenance cost to be able to use my ship again. What the orbital clusterfuck is this, whose stupid idea was that?!

Yes I know it's only for the losing team, which makes it all the more stupid since you've earned less credits to begin with. Also having a maintenance cost is generally okay, but having it cost as much (or maybe even more) as I earned in the match itself is ridiculous.

Credits are already hard enough to come by, considering how even upgrade modules tend to cost more than what you can make in a single winning match, not to mention the cost of the ships themselves. Now while my Elite status last I can still make Credits even with this inexplicably stupid economy, but it's going to go hel of a lot slower than I expected, and once my Elite ticks off I expect having to grind ages (many of them) to get a new ship.

I don't care about bullshit like "oh but Greybox has to make money too". No, this is definitely NOT the way. I have played quite a few F2P games already (last one was Armored Warfare until russian devs took it over and ruined it) and none of them attempted to rip me off so badly. This is not game economy, this is theft.

P.S.: I'm also not intrested in ppl yelling "git gud!" - even as a beginner I have carried several matches with ships that are capable (like the Nav or the Orcus), and I'm generally an above average player in this genre. However I had no way of knowing how the Dola plays like, I was "forced" to purchase it to access another ship, and I also feel cheated because of how high maintenance costs are. I don't feel like any of this is my fault.