Yeah it will be even worse for russians, and that seems to be a good market for this game, so probably shouldn't be ignored.

Regardless of all that, I wasn't thinking about all-separate, standalone servers per region. I was thinking about a system that War Thunder has, meaning there is only one main / account server, so wherever you are from, you join the same player pool. But within that there should be match servers per region.

So you could log in to your global account, then select to play in the EU matchmaking queue, that hosts games on EU based servers. If you don't find a match there for a couple of minutes, you can just quit the queue and join the US queue instead.

It works really nice in War Thunder, during off-hours most people play on the US servers, you can find there germans, russians, whatever you can think of... but during peak hours, everyone plays on their respective regional servers, as switching them is seamless.

Will we get regional servers with the Steam Launch, or is it still going to be USA-only?

I remember back when I actively played, after a while I completely gave up trying to shoot at corvettes and light destroyers, because most of them were simply impossible to hit (apart from a few lucky dents and scratches) for me. I'm playing from east europe, and even though I have fiber internet connection, the USA servers are simply too far and I could definitely feel the issues related to ping.
I also remember doing evasive manuevers then getting hit all the same, even though I saw the projectiles missing me...

Another thing I often noticed was that when I was playing as an artillery cruiser, trying to snipe other artilelry cruisers I often ended up dead when it should have been the other way around. I remember seeing my railgun fire, then dieing in the next moment... which would be okay if my opponent died too, but often it turned out that it was only me seeing my gun fire, not the server. By the time it noticed that I was firing, it also thought I was dead, so I ended up firing "ghost shells".

I'll be pretty quickly annoyed if the Steam version does the same... I think there was a patch, maybe sometime early this year, that mitigated these issues a little bit, but didn't fix them completely for sure... no wonder though, game is written by developers, not f'kin chronomancers.

EU servers would be the ultimate solution. Wish we got them...


Still no.

Why do people keep assuming that 21:9 is superior and it gives you better situational awareness? Yeah it might be true in games like CoD or Battlefield, that are generally played on a flat map... could even say that they're basically 2D games, since you cannot really move up or down and no enemies will approach you from that direction either.

Dreadnought is kind of a 2.5D game, as the maps have a relatively flat layout and your ship cannot turn on the Z-axis, but they do allow you to strafe vertically. I don't think either 21:9 or 16:9 is better here, and would definitely not call one superior. Maybe 21:9 is better for planetside maps, but 16:9 is better for deep space maps.

21:9 may give you increased horizontal viewing angle, but at the cost of vertical angles. 21:9 is a ratio, therefore the :9 part does not mean that 16:9 and 21:9 have the same display height, with the 21:9 only being wider. Ofc it is wider alright, but also shorter.

A 16:9 32" display actually has a bigger screen area than a 21:9 34" display. Another thing people get wrong is, that they usually upgrade from a classic 24" 1080p display, and go for a 34" ultrawide, then experience vastly increased FOV and identify it as a singular benefit of the aspect ratio. That is wrong however, since most of their improved experience comes from the greatly increased screen size itself, not the ratio. A 32" 16:9 display, having the exact same point-per-inch value (i.e.: same pixel size) as a 24" FHD display will have a horizontal pixel count of 2560. That means you can still get increased FOV, by 640 pixels (compared to 1920), in case the game supports it.

Ofc if the game is actually FOV locked, then everything will just become bigger, instead of letting you see more of the same-size things... but since it's a FOV lock, all aspect ratio displays are focked all the same.

For example I myself own a Z321QU, and have never felt it putting me at a disadvantage in games, though I'm not a CoD player, I give you that. I enjoy having a big 16:9 display, it's quite alright for gaming, and beside that, for my work it is better than the ultrawides.

Wow I thought the crew system is coming with the Steam launch... Wtf have they been doing through all the months I've been away? No new feature seems to be ready...

Okay there's Havoc, but that's already out on the PS4, so can hardly be considered new. They've been saying for over a year now that "a lot of cool stuff is in the pipes"... so where is that cool stuff now? Will any major change come with the Steam launch, or only a small balance and bugfix patch and that's it?

OB's are deprecated anyways, no? Aren't they going to be replaced by crew?
No point in updating their descriptions then, is there?...

SAD - Reclaimer#0656 posted (#post-225199) said:

Of course everyone is entiteld to their own opinion but it's a matter of fact that in due course ultrawides will be the default setting for every game. We've seen this with the introduction of the 16:9 aspect ratio when that was considered future tech not so long ago. Progress can't be stopped. Refusing to accept that doesn't make it less true.

No, I don't think so. 16:9 made sense when it was introduced, since the previous 5:4 (or 4:3 with TVs) was quite "boxy", and unnatural to the eye. The same thing doesn't apply to the 16:9 and 21:9 comparison. The latter is more like a marketing gimmick, like the curved screens. Some people like it, some don't. It's a choice. It's definitely NOT the singular direction the monitor market is going; 21:9 will not become the new default.
My guess is that they will continue to co-exist the way they currently do.

16:9 was indeed superior to 5:4 in every possible way, so the transition was natural... maybe except for POS terminals, that still use 5:4 to this day. However the same doesn't apply here. 21:9 is only superior to 16:9 in SOME ways, and is actually inferior in several others. (not going into details, unless asked to, to keep the post shorter)

Saying the game should default to either aspect ratio "because whatever" is - in general - an invalid argument, whichever side you are on. More often than not, people make and educated choice between 16:9 and 21:9, with their own use-cases and needs in mind. Handicapping any one of them is a bad design decision.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-225430) said:

Sixfoot have also taken over all of the game development. Yager is no longer working on Dreadnought.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

"AMD 8 core"

Well is it actually a Ryzen, or just an old FX? Some game engines quite dislike the latter, don't know about how Dreadnought does with it though.
(on the other hand I can confirm that it's quite happy with a Ryzen)

Oh there's going to be a PVE mode now? That sounds nice... though not being able to fly my own ships isn't really going to work for me, I hugely enjoy customizing them.

Anyhow I just played a match to "notify the server" of me still being intrested in the game, and man it was fun. Got 3rd place, even though I haven't played in a long time... gave me that, "yep, still got it!" feeling. Also, it's still epic when a Jutland jumps on me; even more so when I can surprise-counter him.

However at the same time it also made me remember why I was mad at this game: it's like... an inch away from being superb, but still steadily refuses to cross that line... all thanks to super-slow development and some weird balance decisions.

I'm really hoping the Steam launch will be successful and give the game some momentum. It's quite a good base to build upon, but needs lots more content and lot faster response times by the devs. (not response as in communication, but response as really quick fixes to the upcoming issues, be it bugs or balance)

Speaking about Steam though, will my Fleet Recruitment Packs work there?? I have them from long ago, and once the game "goes live" I'd probably try to get some guildmates into it, using these packs as incentive.

Thanks Belial!

I didn't plan on firing the game up until the Steam launch happens, but now I definitely will!

On another note... What's Havoc?