Any news about this?

The Steam Store Page still says it's to be released by 2018 September, but I'm guessing that's no longer the case?...

To be honest Dreadnought could be a great "filler" before the holiday season, which will more-or-less start around BFV release. But for that to work, it needs to be out before other, bigger fish stir the water, so it can get noticed.

By "filler" I don't necessarily mean a bad thing btw, it's just a game that people play when they got bored of current AAA titles, while the next ones aren't out yet. Same goes for War Thunder for example, and they are quite successful this way. It's just a game that people regularly return to for a month or two, and I'd really like if Dreadnought could do that as well... but it needs to gain a good initial momentum, so the timing of Steam release is as crucial as eliminating all the major bugs/issues by the time it happens.

Steam release is supposed to be this month and we still have gamebreaking bugs like this one?

Yeah, I bet this will go down "well"...

DN_MiguelItUp#0468 posted (#post-224674) said:

As we've mentioned before, our team is going to be doing a large balance polish after Steam launch. This is going to go over various forms of weapons, modules, and other gameplay mechanics. We don't have an exact date at this time, but that will surely be provided sometime after Steam.

As always, appreciate the feedback gang! Means a ton!

Nonono, a balance polish AFTER Steam launch is a horrible idea. Steam launch is a "do it right, or don't do it at all" kind of thing. If you release the game on Steam with the combination of bad balance and the sealclubbers that make up most of your current community, these two together will annoy many people and quickly. You will get a "Mixed" Steam rating and with that you can flush your game down the drain...

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It's not an if, it is happening. You don't get a steam store page on a maybe.

The MM is being changed for steam launch. This has been the mantra since the steam announcement almost.

I really hope that will stand true... I'd gladly return playing then, and probably bring some friends too.
Greybox should be aware this is their final chance for the game to gain momentum, and act accordingly...

This "playerbase is not large enough" was the same sorry excuse we were getting for the past year, yet while I was playing I saw quite a few new people come and go, both here on the forums and ingame. Some streamers also picked the game up occassionally, it wasn't completely off the radar...

New people have been coming continuiously as far as I could tell (not a lot of them, but there was an influx). The problem was that they left as soon as they were faced with how MM works in Veteran, and that is exactly the issue here. You guys keep saying that "oh we can't fix MM because we don't have a big enough playerbase, matches would take ages to start" but then this very same system is preventing you from ever getting a bigger playerbase.

If the game does ever launch on Steam, that HAS TO HAPPEN WITH FIXED MM, otherwise all those new dudes will just leave all the same. It's too late to start a crusade against sealclubbing when all the seals are already dead.

I left this game months ago because of this specific issue... Now I thought to myself "hey, let's see how Dreadnought is doing, maybe it's worth going back now?", and what's the first thing I spot here? "Death Squads".


This already was an issue when I picked up the game and it was the one that made me - and I'm sure many others - leave... and Greybox is still not doing anything about it.

I remember we had suggestions around these forums about how to fix it, even I wrote some, but all we were met was ignorance by the devs, and acid spew by the handful of arseholes who actually make up the death squads.

This game will die soon if the MM doesn't get fixed, and you know what? It completely deserves it.

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Thank you for listening to your community.

If they did, they wouldn't nerf healing, but apparently they only listen to whiners and newbies...

There's nothing wrong with healling itself, the issue is with certain effects stacking without limit, and with MM. Both have been discussed about quite a lot in the recent weeks. But apparently fixing the illness instead of its symptoms isn't something you can expect from these devs...

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I had to get destroyed via plasma ram by a certain player hundreds of times before I learned how to stop/destroy his ship before it got me.

Well is there a way to stop a rammer, other than using disruptor pulse / stasis pulse?... Though even if you have these, the rammers are usually allowed to take you to the grave with them, thanks to Desperate Measures. (which imho is the only OP OB that could use a complete re-work. The other OP OBs really aren't that bad as many put it, minor tweaks could easily get them in line.)

Hm, now that I think about it, why the heck don't we have some OBs that give partial resistance to certain debuffs? You know like:
"Fleet of Foot - halves the effects of movement impairing effects on your ship.", and stuff like that.

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You know, your whole post could be surmised in one sentece as "Resistance is futile!"; which is quite funny, considering your name...

On another/unrelated note, when I said (earlier in this topic) that "it is stupid to leave matches on start", I meant not only that you're fleeing from a challenge, which is exactly the opposite of what this game is about... But I also meant that if you leave, and you recommend people to follow your example, you ruin the game for others, by leaving teams behind that aren't just crippled by composition anymore, but also by numbers. MM rarely fills in the gaps for missing players, and even when it accidentally does, it does so too late or with a bot.

If you leave just because you think your opponent is superior (you'd be surprised sometimes...), you never learn how to fight them, and you also hurt the playerbase. Ofc you can at least yell about how OP certain stuff is (some are OP I agree, balance isn't perfect, but OP here does NOT equal undefeatable) in the meantime, if that makes you happy...

It's not a direct exploit, you don't get 2-3x more XP for winning, and leaving matches on start is just as stupid as this topic.

Also, Adrenaline Shot has been discussed about quite a lot around this forum recently, and isn't OP in the way you assume it is. It only needs a little fine-tuning, to limit the maximum number of sources it can simultaneously yield energy for.