Where did the devs ever say it's okay to use macros to exploit the weapon switch mechanics? I seriously doubt any dev in their right mind said that, so I'd like to have the source.

IF it really happened, the guy should be fired without a second thought. Using macros is NOT welcome in any competitive multiplayer game, and with good reason. It's called cheating.

As for the argument saying that using a 120Hz monitor gives a similar advantage is one of the stupidest things I've read on these forums. High frame rate / low input lag ONLY matters in games where you have a very direct control of your aim/character, mainly in first person shooters like CS or Battlefield. Dreadnought works very differently behind the curtains, and the only latency/performance related thing that yields you a big advantage here is your ping to the server.

And what kind of argument is "if it's in the game it's alright"? Wtf dude, IT'S NOT IN THE GAME, you do it by an external program.

I could set up any macros I like, with a Sensei 310 it's quite easy, but I've never even tought about it. It's unfair, it's cheating, and people using it should be banned for days at the minimum. You people in this topic really make me want to delete the game and never come back... You probably are the same dudes that think it's totally okay to buy a mouse adapter for your PS4s and r4pe the poor sods online, who are still aiming with their controllers (as it was intended on that platform).

How would that help the original issue? Team balance starts getting a big deal in Veteran, and people playing in Vet already know how classes work...

Who really cares about balance in Recruit matches when it takes only a couple of days to get into veteran? I mean, sure we need some kind of balance there, to not scare away newbies too soon, but I think it isn't Recruit where most people give up. Sealclubbing and OP builds and regular squad play starts with Veteran, and that's where MM fails big time.

I think the issues with balance in Recruit have very different roots... I'm looking at you, Olga E. Custodio.

Yeah, whoever had it should be able to keep it, they should've just simply made it impossible for anyone else to obtain. Thus it'd become sort of a vanity item for veterans.

I don't see any new players complaining that they can never ever unlock the beta reward ship coating. Why is this any different?

I think they're only useful on the Vindicta line now, 1.2km range is just too low for any other Destroyer, they're not fast enough to use it effectively.

...which brings me to a suggestion of mine that I was thinking about writing a topic about, where every ship sub-class (like heavy DN, medium DN, etc.) would have a bonus attribute, to put an emphasis on their differences. So it wasn't just HP / Manueverability / Cosmetics difference in sub-classes anymore, but an extra attribute affecting ship behavior.

For example (totally random stuff, just to show what I'm thinking about):

  • Light dreadnoughts would have a 20% shorter cooldown on broadsides

  • Heavy destroyers would have a 20% longer range on torpedo weapons

  • etc.

Just some little extra, that would make you positively reconsider the viability of certain builds on certain sub-classes. Could even come in the form of unlockabe passives on ships, maybe we could call it "Specializations", have 3 unlockable on every sub-class, and should be restricted to one of them being active?...

Oh, I see... Well I'd be p1ssed if they changed the looks of some of my ships too.

Well MM could always wait 20 seconds more to get another healer, and it might not even be an issue to consider in the long run, since we're aiming to increase game population, thus MM would have a lot more peeps to play with. The current, Fleets based MM has no reason to wait for anybody, since it cannot plan team setups at all, it has too little info available to do that. However if we converted it...

Moreover we could have an MM queue like War Thunder, where while you're in the queue you can see the number of players from every tier and every nation (should be class instead of nation here ofc) that are waiting with you. This way you'd also see what class MM is missing, and could decide for yourself if you want to fill that role or just wait a little longer for somebody else to do it. Whichever resolution you pick, you'll end up in a balanced match, with a healthy number of required classes on both opposing teams. Whereas, with the current, Fleets based MM you can very easily end up in a match where one team is clearly superior in every way.

These unbalanced matches aren't really fun for anybody I think, usually not even for the winners. They're too easy and too short, leading to scores being low, and battle bonus being 'lost' for an unworthy fight. Not to mention when you end up on the losing team, which leaves you with a ton of frustration as well. Even more so when MM decides to fck with you and gives you 5 matches like that in a row... (yeah okay, squads are to blame here as well, but that's another story... and roots in MM being as dumb as a Goliath torp.)

20/100 matches aren't good, 96/100 matches are!

To me Vindictas seem OP enough already, there's really no need to make them as fast as corvettes.

Speaking about manueverability rating though, to me this is one of the biggest bullshits the game has. Wtf is that number anyways?!

It should really display 3 values: [ turn rate / acceleration rate / max speed ] instead of this stupid and arbitrary "manueverability rating" that we have now...

So the Hactar was a Jupiter Arms Tac Cruiser Hero ship, that was removed from the PC version, is that the problem? I don't really understand what "unlock" means, how do you unlock ship sections other than getting them from hero ships or different tiers of the same ship?...

Regardless, they could've just made it into a special cosmetic item that only some players get, same way as the Beta reward ship coating. Or just add the Hactar to the d4mn PC store, you know...

While we're at it, could someone enlighten me about the tracking ability of the Scylla torpedoes?

I know they don't have that great of a DPS, but in the module preview video it seems to fly fast, and it also seems to have little vertical diversion. My missiles end up at lot of times hitting obstacles or friendly ships above me, and they're rather slow as well.

Back on the Scylla, what's the target tracking pattern? Does it fly the same way Light Torpedoes do? I.e.:

  1. wait an eternity

  2. fly out towards the front of your ship

  3. fly in a straight line towards wherever your target was when you pressed fire (no tracking!)

  4. if the target is still nearby, switch direction towards it (once)

Does Scylla follow this stupid pattern (which would absolutely not work with its 7km range), or does it track continuously, like missiles?