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Healers actually make less credits from straight healing than DPS class do from kills.

I suppose that depends on which build you are playing on, eh?

I wonder if the Jutland is slower than my Dola with the Slow and Steady OB?

Anybody up for a race? smile

A super interesting topic, gets right to the heart of the 'ol business model too.

It's the slower pace that makes me love it.

Gameplay can get very hectic at times, like in a big furball battle, but it's not twitch based, which is fine with me.

I was very amused when the sound cut out during a recent match and I discovered that the incoming missile alert was still coming from the speaker in the controller.


That could work.

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I don't see how a r3 click can choose between 4 choices. I sure don't want to have to cycle through them.

pressing r3 will show the energy wheel, then you move the stick up, down, left or right to pick the energy needed.

I don't see how a r3 click can choose between 4 choices. I sure don't want to have to cycle through them.

The button I hate the most is the scoreboard button. I'm always hitting it when I want to switch primary/secondary. Swap it with reload. Scoreboard does not deserve this particular real estate.

Also. With the open beta update the graphic that shows your energy wheel choice is changed to become less opaque. Now it blocks your view too much until it fades away.

I like the IDEA of the touchpad energy controls but 50% of the time my input is incorrectly interpreted.

I like R3 for reload. A lot.

I really hate that I always get the score screen when I try to change to secondary weapons and my fat fingers miss the correct button. smile

As a PS4 player whose software release is behind yours, I'm watching this situation carefully.

With the PS4 Open Beta software update I now see why you so called "master race" were crying like baby's about maintenance. Yeah.

I don't know how to balance financial viability while maintaining respect for the customer base, but I hope Greybox gets it figured out.

Might be lame but you can enter a legendary training match and get tier V opponents.