Senoj Nol



I hear the sound of tiny little feet stamping.


In all fairness, I'd like to clairify that after my earlier posting I realized the long connect times were for Team Elimination. Team Deathmatch matchups seem to be much on par with prior to the Go-Live. I think my other remarks in the mega thread are valid.


Which is all very nice, but does not explain why it went from "working ok" to "no bueno".


Contracts (I'm doing that stuff anyway)

Career Progression. (Thanks for the retro-active credits! Suddenly rich!)


Currency conversion. Could be useful. Could be viewed as a sneaky money grab.


Still stuck with 2 fixed controller setups.

Still can not read the tiny text in the tech tree info boxes.

Introduction of noticable lag in hanger menus.

WTH did you do to the matchmaking? -10 I'm sorry I spent some money on GP before trying it out first. I really really want to yell about this one...but I won't belabor it.

Overall, fix the matchmaking or sadly I'm gone. I just haven't got that kind of time to wait around.

Good luck to all.

I really, really, miss the single player against AI training mode.

That was a perfect place to test newly acquired ships and mods. I learned how a lot of weps worked in there.

Why take that out?

I completely agree with the OP.

This, and the ordinary initial tier 4 ship capability, is why I've almost quit playing. Such an uphill struggle.

It's disappointing when the reward structure sucks the fun out of progression.

I would contact customer service as well as reporting it here.

They will fix you up.

You know the game is still in beta test, right?

Walls are not OP because...walls!!!

Is there a key or legend to what each symbol represents?

I think I saw one on discord but it was very poor graphic quality.

Two dots and a slash is not really intuitive to me. smile smile