Senoj Nol



Thanks! Very helpful.

The text in some of the Officer Briefing descriptions is so small that it can't be read when inches from the screen.

Never gets old listening to the newbs cry about the Tac. 😭

I've been playing all morning.

Early on in the day Vet matches take longer to form up though.

It seems to me like I have been getting much higher quality matches in the last few days. I refer to vet matches.

I consider a great match to be one that uses up almost all the time and the final scores are within 10 points of each other.

Did you try contacting support?

I have had quite a few instances of griefer corvettes sucking all the fun out of the game.

Sometimes it's the Corvette, sometimes it's the a-hole Captain.

Nerf the Corvette. Hard.

I bought the 1 week package and when it expired I was able to buy the 30 day package.

The one week package on the PlayStation Store was marked "unavailable" after I had purchased it and used it up.

Noir64Bit#1622 posted (#post-126046)

If they would really do another Reset I would be kinda mad, cause then it wouldn't have made sense to put the founders packs in the PSN store!

Very much agree. Another reset and I just can't grind it out again.

I have a life, of sorts.

Vindicator#5138 posted (#post-124131)

"For some reason hangar is very GPU heavy. My card slowly overheating to 70-80C the longer i stay in hangar but at ~60C in combat."



This is because in combat you are moving, causing airflow over your ship and thereby cooling it off.