Senoj Nol



Or try not to look like a baby seal.

Or maybe try a different ship.

Perhaps this is not the game for you.

Splash Screen on the new 1.01 update still says "Closed Beta Build"

Do you even know what a "developer" is? Please tell us if so. And then please explain exactly what is wrong with getting rich?

Oh. If only development resources were limitless.

Personally I'm hoping to watch constant improvement on the platforms GB has chosen to support. And hey, in the fullness of time, who knows?

Dank Google Übersetzer habe ich das meiste verstanden und ich bin mit den meisten Punkten einverstanden. Ich denke, TAC sollte einen Teil der Tötungen von Teamkollegen, die sie geheilt haben, bekommen. Ich mag es, es zu spielen

Thank you. That needed saying.

I agree with Mortis. Not enough reward for the risk.

Admiral Piett#4752 posted (#post-118878)

Hopefully, they'll be sent out via email. I'm not always available due to my job keeping me gone for a few days at a time (oil and gas industry never stops smile )

I got my invite via email