just played a legendary with very short que time. However it is monday at 9pm central.

The Credit boost is real and is so GOOD that i purchase the Battle Bonus each game. So it really is a nice weekend. Also see alot of old Names and alot of New names in Legendary.

I asked and they made it happen!!


steamcommunity post

This weekend we are adding a boost to Credits earned in all matches. It will apply after server restarts on Thursday 6/6 at 10AM CT (4PM GMT) and last until Tuesday 6/11 at 10AM CT (4PM GMT).

This Credits Boost should be in the range of 50% to 100% increases to the Base Rewards and Performance Rewards at the end of a match. All current modifiers will apply to these new totals including Battle Bonus, Win Bonus, First Win of the Day, Elite Status and Elite Status from Teammates.

woot woot Credit Boost Weekend!!

thank you developers!

I hope this is true!

Rockbell#0823 posted (#post-279376) said:

Don't worry.
I heard they are making brand-new youtube promo channell with new trailer, lots of game guides, streams and activities.
Be sure this will bring a lots of new players, and a next era of dreadnought!

Youtube, Facebook, is all free for business. Just pay for ads, "premium", etc..

Games have been going good. Alot of Good close games in TDM/Onslaught(within 10% of win goals). Conquest can be the most lopsided, but still good. Less bad matchups (i dont see squads dominating). Less lopsided games (maybe 1 every 4 games). Veteran Games are good. Legendary Games see a mix of IV and V.

The plague of vettesdreads seems to be gone. Scrambler Spam seems to be under control.
The only ship that seems to be being played alot, are Dreadnoughts!

Sometimes the que time are 3-5 mintues between midnight and 2am (Central).

Would like to see a CREDIT sale,
Maybe a WELFARE WEDNESDAY? Double Credit night!
Or Put Credits on sale for 50% off to encourage the $$$ of in game credits.

i got logged in and recieved my Elite Day compensation and the 100k. Thank you

it was down for about 10 days then up for about 5 days and then back down. It was good during those 5 days.

Had some great games.

Alot of the Elite squads fell off, alot of new names, and was really fun.

Hopefully it will be back up soon.

Dreadnought is up!
Just Logged in 1120 PM Central on March 11, 2019