Great, but could we please get a remember me and remember password option?

I have to say I'm pretty disappointment with this update, this game has so many glaring issues from match making to progression and economy but none of those have been addressed.

Instead we get a tiny bit of new content and a $35 ship... grreeaaat.

Also I'm not keen on the ship design tweaks, the ships were already a bit on the nose (gun, shark etc.) but now they are really blatant. Especially the artillery ships, some now have what look like iron sights and trigger guards. You guys might as well just get sharks with friggin lasers on their heads.

If the next update doesn't do something meaningful I'm afraid I'm out.

I do think the core game is very well done, I enjoy the gameplay quite a bit even with a few really cheap ships that make the experience a little less enjoyable. Apart from the occasional hiccup and crash it performs very well and plays smoothly at max settings on my 5 year old rig.

It's a shame that they are drowning the gaming behind ill advised economy choices, really slow and painful ship progression and a very poorly thought-out match making.

I agree, their primary focus right now needs to be re-vamping the economy, match making and tier progression. The game should be fun and rewarding, ships shouldn't feel like a chore to progress and you shouldn't feel like you're always out gunned because of bad match making.

They really need to get away from the Wargaming monetization scheme, whenever I feel like I'm forced to pay for every little thing in a game it just ruins it. You want me to pay for monthly sub, plus premium ships, plus garage slots, plus Free XP conversion, plus cosmetic items and the list goes on. That's not fun and makes me feel like I'm being nickel and dimed to death, whenever a game forces me to pay for things I never do, only when a game makes me want to pay for things because these things enhance an already great experience do I break out my wallet.

The prices they charge are way too high too, I'm not spending $35 on a low tier ship in some internet space ship game and then all the other costs ontop of that. Just look at the gold prices, at the lowest level you don't get enough gold to really do anything and everything is priced 100 above that to froce you to buy it twice (that looks really bad on you guys btw and people do notice). The next one up jumps to $20 and thats not even nough for a a decent ship let alone if you want premium sub or anything else.

I just hope they turn it around, if current player numbers are any indication they aren't going to make it. This game should be booming but it's been strangled by poor choices and greed (or lack of know-how and experience).

Fingers crossed they can save it before it sinks.

The game itself is great, love the mechanics, maps, look and feel of the ships and everything game play wise, I've been waiting for a game like this for a long time.

That said, I have some concerns that really detract from the games appeal and overall enjoyment. I'm sure some of this has been said before but I wanted to give my own take of what I feel could be improved in a game that I would really like to continue playing but honestly may not if it doesn't change.

I've played WoT, WoWs and WoWP extensively, lets face it this is basically a 1 for 1 clone of those game except with space ships, right down to the game interface with a few changes some of which really aren't for the better.

Concern the first, the game is extremely grindy. Just getting out of the first couple tiers is a chore, trying to get through the tier ship feels like what a tier 5 or 6 should be. Finding myself constantly out of cash and having to play many rounds just to unlock one upgrade at only tier 3.

This brings me to concern the second, the monetization scheme. For better or forst worst (mostly worst) you guys have just copied Wargaming here. You want to double dip with requiring monthly subscriptions to earn enough to advance but then you want to charge for free XP conversion and everything else in the game. Your ship prices are terrible, I thought WoT was bad but you want rought $35 for a tier 4! Ridiculous!, I have 0 interest in spending a heap of cash of a internet game ship and then having to pay for monthly sub and XP conversion and every other little nickle and dime transaction you guys threw on there.

Trust me, I get it, you see it's working for Wargaming but they have the historical war buffs, you just have a few people who want to play a fairly straight forward space ship shoot-em-up. If you make the pricing more approachable you will get more people buying and turn less people away with a awful grindy experience.

Concern the third, your odd match making system. I'm not sure why you thought having the different tiers of match making was a good idea, it makes no sense and just devised the game up into chunks where people at the entry tiers for that level are basically screwed and people at the top tier of that level are gods. I've played so many rounds now in my tier 3 forced into Veteran battles battles where I can do absolutely nothing. Just have normal MM which pulls for a tier or two below you to a tier or two above you instead of throwing you into these baattles where all you can really do is hide or die.

Concern the fourth, balance. Some of thise could be due to the terrible MM system but some ships seem to have too great an imapct on the battle field. For example, healing ships seem to heal way too well, if you get a dreadnoght with even one healer it becomes nearly invincible. I've been in a few matches now where one ship will get a healer or two and my whole team will be unable to take it down when firing on it all at once and it just decimates us.

I know that seems like a lot of bad but this game has so much potential that I hate to see it ruined with poor decisions. Re-work your monetization scheme, make the game less grindly and more rewarding and for all that is good fix the MM and get rid of the beginner, veteran and legendary levels.

I know the game is still in beta but your population is quite lo (judging by how long it takes to get a match), WoT has a massive population at this point in its development. I think it's largely due to some of the things I mentioned above.

I truly hope you guys make the right choice and I really want to see this game grow and flurish.

Remember, most F2P games which end up being successful do so because they make the player want to pay for things, the ones that failr are ones which make the play feel like they need to pay for things in order to progress.