We want to celebrate and share your best Dreadnought gameplay clips!

Captains all over the ‘verse have been sharing awe-inspiring gameplay footage, such as GrimmHammer’s amazing Penta-Kill. And we want to make sure fellow players witness these spectacular displays of the great, the glorious, and the almost victorious. We want to see your reactions as well, whether that be excitement, rage, or laughter; just as GrimmHammer does in this clip above once he realizes he achieved such a feat.

Send us your awesome clips of that insane Double Kill you pulled off, the time you and a buddy rammed into each other during a firefight, and even you accidentally Blink Warping inside an asteroid to:


We will package up the best ones we think are worthy of being named ‘Feats of Glory’ and share them with the entire Dreadnought community!

How To Submit

How do you capture these clips? Well if you are a streamer, simply utilizing the “Clips” functionality within Twitch should be easy enough. Here is a brief Twitch article showing you how. Once you have created a clip, just send us the link and we’ll do the rest.

If you are recording your footage for YouTube or another platform, send the video footage in your email submission. Please host these video files on your own cloud-based platform such as a Google Drive folder or Dropbox and simply include a link to this folder in your email submission. We ask that clips not exceed 1:00 minute in length and they be in an easy-to-use video format (.mp4, .avi, .mov, etc).

Submissions to be in the Dreadnought Feats of Glory must include the phrase “Feat of Glory” in the email title and that you supply your in-game name. We ask that you give us a short description of your clip’s contents to help in the review process. If you have a channel where the rest of your Dreadnought content lives, let us know so we can share that with your clip too!

Be on the lookout for our video montages set to release soon and see if your clips made the list.

Ready?.... Action!