Get ready to rack up extra battle rewards! Beginning the morning of Tuesday November 20th, we will be overclocking XP systems on PC and PS4. Play in any game mode to earn additional Ship XP and Free XP. Even better, all your Battle Bonus and Elite Status bonuses will benefit from this boost too!

Be sure to stop by the Market and pick up the elusive Predator Retrofit, available free for the duration of the event! Stalk your enemies in style with these unique ship cosmetics for all Jupiter Arms Corvettes.

Everyone who logs in during this time will also be granted a new iteration of the Community Event Decal and the community-created Wisdom Decal shortly after the conclusion of Bonus XP Event.

Ready to grab that sleek, shiny module or that tier-IV ship you’ve had your eye on? Now is the perfect time to make them yours!

Bonus XP Event Give Thanks