Greetings, Captains!

Big and exciting changes are coming to Dreadnought! We are getting ready for the release of our biggest update yet: Progression 2.0

Since this update significantly improves and redefines the way players advance in-game, it is necessary to give everyone a clean slate to start out with and dive right into the new system. Because of this, we will be holding our first full account reset of Closed Beta in the coming weeks. Our team is working 'round-the-clock now to ensure the process is smooth and painless, and those of you with special items or bundles are, of course, re-granted them after the reset.

Here's the facts you need to know to be best prepared when Dreadnought resets:

Why is the reset happening?

The new progression system fundamentally changes and improves the way you advance in the game, unlock new ships, modules and officer briefings. This means that for us to be able to offer you the best experience in the new system, an account reset is required to let everyone start out at the same point.

When / how often are the resets happening?

We plan to only reset accounts twice. Once during a maintenance update along with Progression 2.0's launch and again for Dreadnought's Open Beta launch. While our plans are to reset only twice, please keep in mind that unforeseen problems might make another reset necessary.

What is wiped/reset?

The following will be reset:

  • Captain Rank
  • Ship modules purchased/unlocked
  • Store purchases
  • Credits (formerly called Fleet Points [FP])
  • Match-making rank

So what about all my purchased currency (GP)?

GP Packs you purchased will be re-granted to your account immediately after the reset, along with any GP associated with codes you redeemed from stream giveaways, contests, bundles, etc. All GP you have spent so far will be refunded to you.

What about the Credits (FP) I earned playing?

Credits (FP) earned from regular gameplay will not be re-granted after the reset.

I want my awesome Bun Bun Coating back, why aren't you granting that to me?

Cosmetic items purchased with GP or Credits are not re-granted after the reset but spent GP will be refunded. This gives you an opportunity to spend your currency on something new. Progression 2.0 brings a number of updates and improvements to the way players customize their fleet of ships, and we didn't want you to feel locked into a particular decision.

This means that between the two resets (after the release of Progression 2.0 and before the Open Beta launch) is the right time to try everything in the game you are curious about. That nice coating you've had your eye on? Get it! Spend your GP and give everything a try because once we launch into Open Beta, the second reset will refund all your spent GP again and after that your purchases matter.

Will Hero Ships still be available?

Hero Ships available in the Shop for GP purchase will still be available to buy again after the reset. Hero Ships that were part of a bundle (e.g. Hunter Pack, Mercenary Pack) and unlocked with a code will be re-granted to your account after each reset.

I got an exclusive item from an event, what about that?

If you received an item or bundle as part of a special promotion, giveaway, or event it will be re-granted to your account immediately after each reset. This includes:

- Hunter Pack

- Mercenary Pack

- Fleet Recruitment Pack

- PAX South Decal

- RTX Bloodcat Decal

- PDX LAN Spring 2016 Pack

- 1st DevHunt Bounty Hunter Reward

- August Leaderboard Reward

- September Leaderboard Reward

What about my gamescom 2016 decal?

If you redeemed a code from gamescom 2016 you will be granted your exclusive decal after the first reset in September :)

How will this interfere with the time-sensitive Champion Set offer in the Shop?

The Champion Set store offer is intended to be a limited time sale. However due to the resets falling between this time the offer will be made available after the resets for Progression 2.0 and Open Beta and the GP spent on it will be refunded. This way, anyone who wishes to repurchase the Champion Set may do so again or spend their GP on other items.

When are the exact dates for Progression 2.0 and Open Beta?

We are still working that out, but plan to have Progression 2.0 out by the end of September. We are aiming to go into Open Beta this fall, but have not locked down a date yet, since we want to learn and observe how you like the changes that come to Dreadnought with Progression 2.0.

What if I'm missing something after the reset?

Our awesome CS team will be standing by to investigate any issues you may experience after the maintenance.

Any questions? Let us know on the forums or Twitter!