With the launch of the Command the Colossal update imminent, here's some answers to common questions we anticipate regarding Dreadnought's upcoming maintenance and release. 

The Command the Colossal update is planned for release in early October, stay tuned for more details on our maintenance times and launch date!

Read the Command The Colossal Known Issues List!

Maintenance & Updating

> Why is my Dreadnought launcher black/not working?

The non-Steam version of Dreadnought will no longer be usable once the game comes to Steam. Players with the "old" version of the launcher from our time in Beta will need to delete the game and download the Steam version here once Dreadnought is available.

> Will I be able to play Dreadnought without a Steam account once the Command The Colossal update is live?

No. Once Dreadnought is released on Steam, PC players will be unable to play without a connected Steam account. PS4 players do not need a Steam account to continue enjoying Dreadnought.

> Do I need to download the game all over again when it comes out on Steam?

Yes you will. Many of our back-end services and tools have been updated in such a way that the previous version of Dreadnought is incompatible with these improvements. By being on Steam however, we are able to greatly reduces the initial download file of the game and increase the download speed of updates! You can find Dreadnought on Steam here.

Players on PS4 will have their game update as normal and should not need to do anything.

> Why are you taking the game down for multiple days?

In order to provide the best possible experience for our players, and to bring both the PC and PS4 platforms to feature parity, we are deploying new back-end systems and tools. In order to transition to this new and improved environment, Dreadnought servers will be offline for multiple days prior to the release of the Command The Colossal update. For the most up-to-date info on how this extended maintenance is progressing, follow us on Twitter or check our forums

> What happens to my elite status time when the game is down?

We will be re-granting elite status time equal to the number of days we are offline a few days after Dreadnought servers come back online. We expect some launch day jitters and may experience minor service instability during the first few days. Once all services appear stable, all players who have logged in to Dreadnought during the two months prior to launch will get a special "thank you" reward of 7-Days Elite Status time. This 7 Days is on top of any lost Elite Status time re-granted as a result of our extended maintenance. 

Logging In & Redeeming Codes

> My Facebook log-in credentials don't work anymore!

Facebook log-in integration is no longer present in Dreadnought. Don't worry, your account is safe! You can reset your password here using the email address associated with your Facebook account. After that you will be able to log into your Dreadnought account using that new password. If you have any issues with this or need assistance, reach out to our Customer Support team for help!

> How do I link my existing Dreadnought account?

If you played the PC version of Dreadnought BEFORE its release on Steam, simply install the Steam client and download Dreadnought here, once the game is available. Launch the game through Steam and log in using your same Grey Box account info on the 'LINK EXISTING ACCOUNT' half of the new Dreadnought launcher. That's it! Any time you launch the game again your Grey Box account will be already signed in and linked to the Steam account you were signed into at the time.

You can unlink your Steam account from your Grey Box account at any time by visiting this Account Settings page

> I created a new account on Steam but tried logging in to greybox.com but don't know my password!

New users who filled out the 'CREATE NEW ACCOUNT' section of the Dreadnought Steam launcher are given a temporary Grey Box password. You can reset this here by entering the email address you input when first launching Dreadnought on Steam. If you have any issues with this or need assistance, our Customer Support team is standing by to help!

> I got a code from a streamer/giveaway/pack-in. How to redeem it?

Codes that are "five five five" (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX) are redeemed on Steam. From the Steam client select the 'Games' top menu dropdown and choose 'Activate A Product On Steam.' Then enter your code!

Codes granted via older promotions or from Dreadnought's time in Beta (typically in a XXXX-XXXX-XX format) are still redeemed on your account overview at greybox.com.

> I just logged in and have extra Elite Status! Why?

Everyone that has previously purchased Elite Status and logged in to Dreadnaught via Steam should have received an Elite Status gift. This gift amount revolves around the player’s previous purchase history and will be seen on the account as soon as they log in.

> I purchased a Founder's Pack during the closed/open beta on PC. Have I received my Elite Status?

Player's that purchased a Founder's Pack will see their Elite Status in their account. This went into effect when we launched on Steam on October 12th, 2018.

General Questions

> Why is there no Steam achievements or Steam friends visible in-game?

More robust integration with Steam services should come with a future update. Our focus was on getting the game in the best possible state to launch a polished game.

Dreadnought will support Steam trading cards, emotes, and badges at launch, however, so go out and collect 'em all!

> Why is there no Custom Matches on PS4 anymore?

Due to the back-end updates necessary to bring both platforms in parity with one another, Custom Matches is taking a brief hiatus. We currently aim to return the Custom Matches mode to both PC and PS4 in the next major release.

> Is the game still in beta or in early access on Steam?

Neither! With the move to Steam, Dreadnought is officially released. We will share more info on the exciting game updates we have planned once we have crossed this milestone 

> Now that Dreadnought is out of beta on PC, will I get my Founder's Pack elite status?

Elite Status as part of owning a PC Founder's Pack will be granted a few days after launch at the same time as the thank you rewards for our extended maintenance time. We want to avoid any issues associated with launch day preventing you from enjoying your time.

If we didn't answer your question, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter, PM a Community Manager on Discord, or post in our forums!