Command The Colossal represents our first combined update with both PC and PS4 versions of Dreadnought!  Some minor features or bug fixes listed are marked as a platform-specific addition, but all other listed features come to both platforms. This update will be available for PC and PS4 in early October 2018.


New Hangar and Front End UI

Front End

The front end user interface received an entire overhaul with all screens being replaced with a clean, updated style.

Our goals for the new UI were to:

  • Condense information for easier navigation and readability

  • Display Contracts, Career Progression, and Notifications cleanly and easily

  • Improve the performance when navigating the Hangar

  • Build a consistent user experience across both PC & PS4 platforms 

  • Reduce clutter

Colossal Patch Notes Tech Tree


  • Manufacturer Trees and Tech Trees have been redesigned to more clearly display unlockable Ships and Modules

  • Module stats are more clearly and accurately displayed

  • Improved lighting for more accurate representation of vanity items

  • Starter ship customization items have been added for all players to edit the look of their fleet with basic options

    • If you have previously purchased any of these items, refunds will be issued shortly after maintenance

    • The items added for all ships are: Hippomechanus Emblem, Oberon Emblem, Dead Man's Hand Emblem, Pan Colonial Coating, Gremlin Coating, Dead Man's Hand Coating, Ram Decal, Ram (Black) Decal, Dead Man's Hand Decal, Slaver Ring (Dark) Decal, and Slaver Ring (White) Decal.

Market Makeover

  • The Market layout has been overhauled, and has five sections: 

    • Featured: This section is a quick glance to see new or popular items in the Market. The large section will also populate into the home screen for your convenience 

    • Currency: Whether you need to pick up more GP, Credits, or are looking to exchange your Ship XP for Free XP - the Currency panel contains it all!

    • Bundles: Stop in here to see all of the different Collections and bundles in one spot.Sort by Captain Gear or Ship Items (need to confirm these names) 

    • Elite Status: Your go to location to grab the Elite Status Membership and start earning bonuses for you and your team.

    • Hero Ships: Browse the Tier II, Tier III and Tier IV Hero Ship offerings with new preview opportunities. 

  • All new items now have an icon image and we're working on updating the past ones

  • Items in a bundle are now preview-able

  • New Market Item Category: Retrofits!

    • Retrofits are a collection of custom ship parts that are usable on any other ship of the same manufacturer and ship class. Read more about Retrofits here!
  • Added a new GP pack at the highest bonus amount of GP

  • GP packs now show their base amount + bonus amount

  • Credit purchases have been rebalanced into packages that show their base amount + bonus amount

  • Lots of new and returning items!

Colossal Patch Notes Market

New Hangar

  • Hangar visuals have been updated and optimized

  • New ambient audio and Hangar music

  • Players can now rotate 360° around their ships

  • Updated Captain Customization interface

Updated Social and Statistics

  • Easily manage your Squad, Friends Online, Incoming Requests

  • Compare your stats against your friends

  • View detailed stats about your time in Dreadnought, including what Ribbons you have received and criteria for the ones you have not

Colossal Patch Notes Hangar

New Audio 

The following areas have received new audio treatments and SFX updates. 

  • Main Menu
    • Updated all UI button sound effects
    • New Login Music and Menu Music
  • Modules
    • Afterburners
    • Tractor Beam
    • Scrambler Pulse
  • Ships
    • All Ship Thrusters Updated
    • Non-Player Ship Thrusters removed
    • Idle Engine audio removed
  • Weapons:
    • Artillery Cruiser
    • Dreadnought
      • Updated Ballistic Cannon 
      • Updated Heavy Flak Turrets
      • Updated Heavy Mortar Turrets 
      • Updated Heavy Plasma Cannon   
      • Updated Plasma Cannon   
    • Tactical Cruiser
    • Destroyer
      • Updated Ballistic Cannon
      • Updated Flak Turret  
      • Updated Light Particle Turret  
      • Updated Repeater Turret 
      • Updated Rocket Turret  
      • Updated Light Machine Gun   
    • AI
      • Updated Cannons
  • Adaptive Music System
    • Brand-new adaptive audio system changes dynamically to increase tempo and intensity based on player health, player score, and enemy / allied proximity. Feel the rush of drums as you make a bombing run and relax a bit when there are no visible enemies on radar. 
    • New Music Score for Orbital and End of Match screens
  • UI
    • Updated all UI sound effects in-match
    • Updated player alerts and notifications 
  • Complete update of in-game sound mixing and levels to highlight new audio treatments and SFX improvements.

Player Queue

A screen may now be present upon logging in if servers are at capacity and will place players in a Player Queue for a period of time while server capacity opens up. A brief, accidental disconnect should not result in the player re-entering this queue.

New to PC 

Russian and Simplified Chinese Added

Russian and Simplified Chinese are now available as language selections in-game! Language may be changed using the top right drop-down on the PC Launcher.

New and Improved Launcher

The updated launcher now displays multiple panels for easier visibility into the latest news, events, and info about Dreadnought!

Updated Anti-Cheat

Added 'Easy Anti-Cheat' for better cheat detection!

New to PS4

Team Size and Squad Size Increase - PS4

Team sizes have been increased to from 5 to 8 and Squad sizes have been increased from 3 to 4 on PS4, matching PC sizes. Havoc team size has also been increased from 3 to 4.

Custom Matches On Hiatus - PS4

Custom Matches have been temporarily removed from the PS4 version of Dreadnought while we update the mode to function within the new UI. Custom Matches will return to PS4 and PC in an update soon!

FAQ Steam Announcement - Skinny


Officer Briefings

Glass Cannon - +20% damage if at 100% health, normal damage if <100%. Previously reduced damage by 25% if under 100% health.

Desperate Measures – Now triggered at 25% remaining health. Previous values were based on ship class, 25% is now consistent across all classes.

Get My Good Side - All ships gain .0025 energy per HP when hit on the sides. Previously some triggered when hit on the rear.

Nerves of Steel - Standardized across ship types to a consistent 200% increase effect duration from 0.5 to 1.0

Tip the Scales is now known as Last Resort - Reload speed is increased by 15% and rate of fire is increased by 10% while energy is 0.

Survival Instinct - Health threshold is now 25%, down from 50%.

Destruction Cascade - Increased duration to 20 seconds, up from 10 seconds.

Weapon Ranges Updated

A number of primary weapon ranges have been normalized, providing a progression that forces ships to engage closer to their optimal range as damage increases each tier.

Akula Vektor Corvette Close / Medium / Long range values updated to: 

  • Tier III - 1900 / 2400 / 3400
  • Tier IV - 1600 / 2400 / 2900
  • Tier V -  1200 / 2400 / 2400

Jupiter Arms Artillery Cruiser Close / Medium / Long range values updated to: 

  • Tier III - 7500 / 7500 / 7500
  • Tier IV - 8000 / 8000 / 8000
  • Tier V -  8500 / 8500 / 8500

Jupiter Arms Destroyer Close / Medium / Long range values updated to: 

  • Tier III - 1200 / 2400 / 7000
    • Dev Note: These values are now similar to all other ships in the Jupiter Arms Destroyer line

Oberon Tactical Cruiser Close / Medium / Long range values updated to: 

  • Tier III - 1200 / 2400 / 5000
    • Dev Note: These values are now similar to all other ships in the Oberon Tactical Cruiser line

Oberon Dreadnought Close / Medium / Long range values updated to: 

  • Tier III, IV, V -  2400 / 3600 / 7000

Oberon Corvette Close / Medium / Long range values updated to: 

  • Tier III - 1200 / 2400 / 4500

  • Tier IV - 1200 / 2400 / 4500

  • Tier V -  1200 / 2400 / 5000

Tweaks & Adjustments

  • Multiple tool tips have been updated to accurately reflect the intended damage, cooldown, reload times, and duration
  • Module and Officer Briefing descriptions have been updated to more accurately convey their use
  • Players can no longer deploy more than 2 Repair Pods at a time
  • Tier-III Light Particle Turrets (Destroyer Secondary Weapon) now deals 260 damage per projectile, up from 120
  • "Drain" modules (e.g. Drain Torpedo or Drain Missile) now appropriately apply their effects to shielded Corvettes 
  • Disruptor Autobeams now appropriately apply their effects to shielded Corvettes
  • The Energy Wheel is now usable while affected by the Scrambled effect
  • Weaponbooster Pulse emits two additional pulses, matching in-game documentation
  • Tactical Cruiser Autobeams modules will prioritize human allies over AI allies if both are in range

Colossal Patch Notes Hero Image


Here are some highlights, the full list of bug fixes will be posted when the update is live.

  • Resolved an issue preventing players to use extra buttons on their mouse
  • Resolved an issue where the Tech Tree would become unresponsive after purchasing modules
  • Anti-Nuke Lasers now prioritize destroying nuke projectiles over missiles and torpedoes if multiple projectile types can be targeted
  • Players can now use the Energy Wheel when Scrambled
  • The "10 Player Kill Streak" ribbon now properly triggers when 10 players are killed in a row
  • Fighter jets no longer give captain kill credits when destroyed in Team Elimination on PS4
  • Using other modules now interrupts the duration of Emergency Evac
  • Disruptor Pulse now interrupts an enemy's active Weaponbooster Pulse
  • The link between a ship and an owned Control Point is now appropriately broken when the Control Point is captured by the enemy team in Conquest Mode
  • Fixed issues with Drain abilities not working on Corvettes while shields are on
  • Fixed issue with Purge Beam not working on Targets with shields on
  • Fixed issue with Disruptor Autobeams not working on Targets with shields on
  • Adjusted multiple modules tooltip values to match in-game functionality
  • Adjusted Corvette's capture rate to 33% in the Conquest mode, down from 50%
  • Shield VFX no longer appear on cloaked ships
  • Resolved a Team Deathmatch related crash that impacted AMD-based PCs
  • Resolved an issue where players who disconnected during a match and reconnected after the match ended would unable to join their next game
  • Improved stability to prevent performance drops when respawning
  • Improved performance and framerate consistency when transitioning from Orbit in an Onslaught match
  • Improved loading times when joining the match
  • Module descriptions have been updated and appear as intended
  • Changing preset Graphic Settings now appropriately update Advanced Settings to match
  • Audio volumes now react in real-time as their values are adjusted
  • Resetting Graphic setting to "Default" will no longer affect changes in the control scheme
  • Visuals and UI respond to changes in Graphics settings more consistently