Community Decal Event - Joeyray Edits

Update 5/22: Thanks to everyone who voted! With 33.5% of the votes, the winning nation is Enyo. Our art team will start working on 3 decal options. Once they’re ready, we’ll get back to you for a second round of voting!

We’re excited to kick off a very special community event! Over the next 5 weeks, our art team will be looking to the community for guidance as they create a new decal for one of the three main factions in the game!

Here’s the plan: you’ll vote on which nation planet our art team will focus on—Federal Earth, Enyo, or Troja (read more about them below). The team will then develop a series of decals for that faction. After a few rounds of voting, we’ll have our community-chosen decal that will be available for FREE on PC and PS4™!

  • 5/15: Initial round of voting. You have 7 days to vote for a faction.

  • 5/22: The art team will announce the winning faction and begin working on 3 decal options for that faction.

  • 5/29: The art team will reveal the 3 decals based on your votes. You’ll have 7 days to vote on your favorite.

  • 6/5: The art team will reveal the top options, then start work on 3 new options for you to vote on next week.

  • 6/12: The art team will reveal the front-runner, then come at you with 3 FINAL variants.

  • 6/19: We reveal the winning decal in all its community-inspired glory!

We’ll keep you posted about when you’ll be able to get the decal in-game. Be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter feeds for periodic peeks under the hood of the art team’s progress on this project!

Without further ado, let's dive in!

First round of Voting:

Federal EarthVAN_DCL_Logo_Fa_FE.jpg

Having arisen on humanity's home planet, Federal Earth does not rely on Transhuman terraformers for its continued existence, and so its citizens have the unique luxury of indulging a deep-seated nostalgia for the past. Their daily lives are steeped in history and tradition, with most families able to trace their bloodlines back hundreds of years. Disdainful of the younger nations, Federal Earth is home to many of the solar system's wealthiest elite, and considers itself the epitome of civilization and elegance.


Enyo VAN_DCL_Logo_Fa_Enyo.jpg

Enyo's first settlers were disillusioned by life on Earth: they came to Venus looking for something new to believe in. Local faith-based gatherings soon sprang up to fill that need, laying the foundation for what has become a deeply spiritual society. Despite its tranquil beauty, Enyo is inhospitable to off-worlders. Popular fashion trends often feature concealing accessories such as masks and gloves, but true privacy is nonexistent due to the nation's cultural and religious mores.



Fearless, self-reliant, and often bluntly aggressive, the nation of Troja prizes combat skill and loyalty to one's comrades in arms above all else. As a result, Trojans who are willing and able to serve typically have far more social mobility than citizens of the other two human nations. Yet this service-bound mindset is at the core of Troja's hatred for the Scum Belt's outlaws, an attitude not helped by the fact that the outlaws' famous leader is Bix Duquette, who was once hailed as the nation's greatest hero.

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