The pen behind such amazing works of science fiction as the rebooted Guardians of the Galaxy and Judge Dredd, Dan Abnett is now lending his talent to YAGER by molding the Dreadnought universe into something truly epic in scope. Pulling from all corners of sci-fi, Dan and YAGER are poised to set the skies ablaze with a campaign full of sweeping vistas, snarky crew members, and ne'er-do-well raiding parties.

Dan Abnett first cut his teeth with acclaimed contributions to the space anthology series 2000 AD and creation of Sinister Dexter. Playing an important creative role in both Marvel and DC Comics, he created and contributed to some of the biggest superheroes in comic books today. He now finds himself with a blank canvas as large as space itself to forge an unforgettable, episodic narrative for players to experience behind the helm of a Dreadnought.

YAGER's foray into breathtaking storytelling hardly needs an introduction. Their 2012 game Spec Ops: The Line was widely praised by critics for its gripping narrative and theme. With Dreadnought, YAGER is setting their sights on the stars with a space opera that channels the resonance of works like Firefly and Star Trek. Prepare to experience the thrill of commanding a ramshackle crew through uncharted space, marauding and blasting your way to riches and glory.

Together, YAGER and Abnett are building a narrative monument to all that is science fiction. Dreadnought's campaign puts you in the captain's chair. Will you be Picard, tactical and collected, putting your crew before all else? Or Han Solo, carefree and roguish, traversing the stars for credits? Captain and crew customization in Dreadnought will allow you to chart your legacy through the stars, built on the back of a gripping episodic story pitting all factions of the galaxy against one another.