August Update and Fashionought

It's been a running theme on Discord that players who show off their flashy new ship customization will tag the image as #Fashionought. We wanted to make the end of Summer update themed around new recruits going to Sinley Bay flight school or graduating as Captain of their own ships. To that End we have created a couple new deep discount bundles for Ship and Captain Vanity.

Balance Changes and Bug Fixes

- We have made some adjustments to Dreadnought Torpedos, Corvette Main Guns, and took another step on balancing Siege Mode for Artillery Cruisers.

- Proving Grounds rewards have been increased to be much closer to PvP rewards. 

     - You will still get more advancement through PvP but Proving Grounds should feel a lot less painful on the End of Match screen.

     - We wanted this mode to be a better option for players who prefer PvE, want to try out a new loadout, or just want a bit of downtime from Sinley Bay's finest.

You can find the patch notes here:

Fashionought Player Showcase

From September 3rd through the 13th we will be on the lookout for players showing off the styles of their Captains or Ships. You can post your best looks on Discord, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We will select 10 random players for a prize of 1000 GP and 30 Days Elite Status

Market Updates

Fashionought Bundles are now available

  • Fashionought New Recruit Bundle

  • Fashionought Ship Shape Bundle

The Rise of Troy Hero Ship is now available.

  • Tier IV Medium Destroyer

The Phoenix Bundle is back for a limited time.

  • Tier IV Medium Corvette