Hello all,

Only one place to start, so I'll jump right in with an update on Progression 2.0. We do appreciate how patiently you've been waiting for this update, but I'm sorry to say that we're not quite there yet. Our teams in Houston and Berlin have been tirelessly working to get this version out to captains everywhere. Our internal tests thus far have been exciting, but they do show that more balance and polish are needed before we release these new changes to you.

The unfortunate fact is that the very thing that makes Progression 2.0 so exciting is also causing us to exercise caution. There are a lot of ships, weapons, modules, etc. that need more attention and tuning. The sheer volume here is taking time to go through, which means we spend a lot of time blowing each other up and a lot of time actually implementing new changes.

The good news is that internal playtests are going smoothly. Six Foot and YAGER expect to get the new system into your hands soon with a level of polish that we believe will exceed your expectations. I can assure you that this update is designed to build around the strengths of the match-to-match and gameplay you already love. Things are getting closer with every build, and I simply can't wait to get out there and fight alongside you...or against you!

I'd rather not project a new target date for the next phase of closed beta, so I'll have to drop the "as soon as possible" you all so dearly cherish. We will be sure to keep our community team up-to-date so they can let you know when the next update is good to go.

That's it from our side. Please take a second to leave any feedback you may have in this thread.

Thank you for your patience,

Frank "Kellion" Lucero

Sr. Producer | The Dreadnought Team