Damage Mitigation Stacking
There are many ways to stack armor to give you 100% damage mitigation. As a concept, there is no such thing as 100% invulnerability, so we've capped damage mitigation to 95%.

Corvette Shields
In line with the above change, we wanted to bring corvette shields into the same general assumption that nothing can mitigate 100% of damage. Reduced corvette shields to 95% mitigation.
Light Flechettes and any other missiles -
There have been some inconsistencies with the amount of time it takes for missiles to launch and the active timer for the module. This should now match for all missile type modules.

Survival Instinct 
This officer briefing was taken down a few too many notches to the point where the module didn't offer enough for the trigger risk. To pull it back we instead reworked it to reduce reload time by 7% for each 10% of health you are missing.

Armored Lockdown
Again in line with the changes to damage mitigation, Armored lockdown was giving Artillery and Tactical Cruisers more armor than Armor Amp for Dreadnoughts. For consistency, we reduced this to 80% to be in line with the Armor Amp line of modules.

Rupture Catalyst
This module didn't provide enough damage on top of it's status effect to be effective. We have increased the damage of this module to better align with the tiers of each module and the normal damage and increased the armor reduction from 20% to 50%. The effect still doesn't show on the shot, but that is a separate issue and only visual.Matchmaking -
It has come to our attention that teams often get stacked with obvious disadvantages. We have made some changes to correct this and should result in more evenly balanced teams.

PS4 - Game Settings
Fixed issue where your settings below the first wouldn't save correctly in the Game tab of settings.

Matchmaking ServersWe made some backend updates that will give us the ability to better monitor when matches get stuck. This should allow us to clear them much faster to cut down on some of the lag that is seen from time to time.

Note about Tooltips

Much of the balance changes need tooltip updates, which we will need to do a pass over as soon as we can. Until then, be aware that the tooltips for modules will not be accurate. For accurate information, we will be working on publishing a web version of module stats as soon as we can and get it corrected in game in a future patch.