Happy Holidays, Captains  o7

Feature: PC - Havoc Mode Beta!

We are in the process of porting over Havoc Mode to PC.  It's fully playable but definitely in Beta.  Currently there is no text chat and some UI is still a bit rough. Getting things converted over is taking longer than expected, but we didn't want to go into the holiday empty handed. Please let us know any bugs you find and give feedback on the mode.  We want to make some changes to the mode in the future, but did not want to make any decisions on that until PC players were able to get a taste of it and provide their feedback as well.


Havoc is a cooperative game mode that’s about one thing: survival. It pits you and three teammates against increasingly difficult waves of enemy ships. However, these aren’t just any vessels looking for a fight. They’re commanded by the Dead Horde, a ruthless faction of criminals and ex-navy officers. Sent by the nation of Troja into the depths of the Scum Belt, the Dead Horde's mission is to destroy the region’s navigation beacons, or Okeanides—and they’ll fire on any ship that gets in their way. Your ability to work with your team and adapt to changing threats determines how long you can withstand their relentless assault.

Rather than bringing your own fleet of ships to fight the Dead Horde, you and your team choose from a selection of preconfigured vessels every few rounds and upgrade them over time. For example, before a new wave, you can enhance your ship’s weapons, health or speed—or switch to an entirely new loadout.

Are you ready to face off against the menacing Dead Horde? Enter the depths of the two new maps, Hekate and Xanthe, to find out!

PC Havoc Beta Known Issues:

  • There is no chat window in this version of Havoc

  • Some UI controls may show as controller options but can be toggled with Q E

  • Energy selection may get stuck

    • You can back out of the energy selection UI and try again if you encounter this bug

Bug fixes:

Ship Vanity now appears correctly in game.

  • Fixed a bug where patterns and decals would not show in game.  Additionally, the base pattern was not displaying correctly on weapons and modules.

Balance Changes:

Siege Mode - Reduced proximity to 50m.

  • Siege mode was too easy to use without aiming and the increased projectile speed reduced the need for aiming at incoming corvettes. With reduced proximity, we hope to now facilitate a more balanced fight.

Storm Missiles - Added more missiles at T4 and increased overall damage by around 5%.

  • Number of missiles fired at T4 increased to 18 from 12.

  • Range at all tiers from 2km to 3km.

  • Total damage increased from 12960 to 13560 at T3

  • Total damage increased from 20400 to 21420 at T4

  • Total damage increased from 24480 to 26400 at T5

Squad Size Reduced to Two Players

  • Due to issues with matchmaking, squads are becoming an issue. Four coordinated players are very hard to fight against unless you are also in a group of 4. 

    • To combat this we are restricting squads to duos in order to even out the teams better. 

    • You are still free to play with a friend, but would be required to make multiple squads if you have more in your group so that teams are spread out to make matches more balanced

PS4 Team Elimination - Team Size and Allowed Bots.

  • The settings for the number of bots and minimum team size for PS4 did not reflect the settings on PC. This was a mistake and made it very hard to get a match of TE on PS4.  

    • For now, the minimum team size is 5 and the bots allowed are set to:

      • 8 for Recruit

      • 6 for Veteran 

      • 4 for Legendary

Azure Night Market Updates

Following the Transhuman departure an unrecorded planet-killer comet entered the Solar System and was captured in orbit around Jupiter.

Every year the comet called Odinseye passes close to Sinley Bay sending it into an ""Azure Night"" as ice crystals in the solar wind fill the sky with bright blue lights. During this time, a mysterious ship with the head of a wolf can be seen flying in the comet's tail. Nicknamed Fenrir by Sinley Bay's captains, the ship is regarded as a watcher and protector.

Items available in this market update

  • New Tier IV Light Destroyer Hero Ship,  Fenrir

  • Fenrir’s Knot Pattern Collection

    • This collection features 15 unique patterns, one for each ship class

  • Azure Night Bundle

    • This includes the Fenrir Hero Ship, Azure Dawn, Azure Night, and Cryometeor Coatings, the Fenrir’s Knot Patterns, and the Macteera Wolf Emblem and Decal 

  • Winter Headwear Collection

  • Holiday Items from previous seasons are back in the market