There's nothing better than getting the "inside scoop" on an anxiously awaited game. Because those of us at Grey Box and YAGER know this, and are committed to bringing as much information as possible to Dreadnought fans, we proudly present a completely Dreadnought-focused panel at PAX East entitled "Dreadnought: The Best of Both Worlds."

We hope those of you attending the show will take a break and attend—it will be worth your while. You might just end up being among the first to learn about a never-before-discussed aspect of the game!

When: 2pm ET
Where: Condor Theatre
Description: "Dreadnought: The Best of Both Worlds"

Grey Box and YAGER are taking pre-existing genres and putting their own spin on it, creating the game you didn't even know you wanted, but will love to play. What's been called a mix of games, like Team Fortress (5v5) and Eve Online, Dreadnought is finally making space battles accessible for everyone. See and hear how they got the ideas, what it's like to pilot everything from a massive space juggernaut to stealthy cruiser, what kind of strategies are needed when conducting interstellar battles, and how the developers go about making all of this a reality for you to play!