It is time to rally the troops, the first month of the new Dreadnought Community Challenges is here! This April, we are challenging the whole community to beat our set goals to earn prizes for everyone in Dreadnought!

Starting on April 11th we will pose three different challenges to you, you have a week for each to complete it. On completion, you'll unlock a reward for all active players! You do not have to beat these goals by yourself, all goals are a total number for all active players and everyone can chip in. This challenge is for the whole community, no matter if you play on PC or on PS4, if you are playing in Asia, the Americas or Europe or what ships you want to play. Everyone can do their part to complete the challenges and every player that is active (completing at least one match) during an active challenge qualifies for the reward. To get all three rewards, you must be active during each week the challenge is open and of course, the challenge must be completed.

We'll keep you updated on the current progress of each challenge with this handy tracker.

Final Update: Congrats, Captains! You've beaten our first set of community challenges! We'll soon grant the decal to your accounts. We'll keep you posted about the next round.

April Community Challenges EN 11

We will be granting the Elite Status Friday morning so everyone can take advantage over the weekend!

This image will be updated in a regular basis in this article as well as on social media.

So what are the challenges?

Week 1 (4/11 - 4/17): Earn a total of 95,000,000 Free XP 

Everyone earns free XP no matter if they play with an Aion or the Phoenix. We are counting the total amount of Free XP that is earned across the PC and PS4 communities and when the grand total of 95 million is reached, the first reward is unlocked!

Reward 1: 20.000 Credits

Week 2 (4/18 - 4/24): Fulfill 18,000 contracts

No matter what contract you are currently working on, fulfill as many as possible to add to the community's total number. Once 18,000 have been fulfilled, the second reward is unlocked!

Reward 2: 3 Days Elite Status

Week 3 (4/25 - 5/1): ???

This challenge is still hidden! Once you are able to complete the first two challenges, we will reveal this last and final one!

Reward 3: The Kore Decal Collection

Kore Decal

What you need to know

  • The goals are set FOR ALL PLAYERS IN TOTAL. You don't have to reach this number by yourself.
  • Make sure to play Dreadnought actively during the time the challenges are unlocked to be eligible for the rewards!
  • Check what the currently active challenge is and try to contribute as much as possible. 
  • All challenges are global, geographically and across platforms! 
  • The rewards will be granted shortly after a challenge has been completed but please allow for a few days for us to do this. We will update you once the granting process has been completed.

We're excited to start this new event and we hope that you are excited as well! For the future, we want to offer you something very special as the third reward. The community team has been working on a special set of evolving decals that will soon be added to the game and that will be a badge of honor for activel community members. Whenever you take part in a special community event you will earn a level for your badge. This decal will become more badass everytime it levels up and you can sport your new shiny decal in battle and show off your community level! Stay tuned and check in on our communtiy updates to learn more (wink)

Questions, suggestions or other feedback? Head over to the forums and let us know!

Good hunting, captains!