DN Environment Plasma Broadside Concept Art

This time, we’re charging forward!

Hi everyone, Tux here with another piping hot Community Update. First, congratulations Blue Team on winning the Meridian Wars! Comprised of players from the eastern hemisphere, everyone on Blue Team thoroughly beat out their opponents in the west. And thank you everyone for participating, we on the Community team learned a lot from this event about our internal tools and thanks to your feedback. We hear you loud and clear; having some kind of reward, be it an in-game item or GP or anything, is super important and we are looking at our next events on the horizon to ensure they are what you the community want.

Speaking of events, we started two contests recently. Are you a creative type yearning for an outlet? Or maybe you have an amazing highlight reel you want to show off? We have just the thing. Miguel kicked off the Deep Space Documentation contest, where your PS4 clip could land you a Founder’s Pack - Hunter Pack, and the Horror Story Halloween contest, putting 500 GP on any platform up for grabs by writing a scary story in the Dreadnought universe. Some of the entries already are looking pretty fantastic!

This week we also saw the formation of the Dreadnought Engineer Program, a hand-selected group captains who will be given the charge of assisting us keep the peace. The Dreadnought community has exploded in the past few months and it is no small task keeping everything nice and tidy. These stalwart defenders will be empowered to ensure everyone is having a great time in Dreadnought by helping keep our forums up to code, providing a voice for the various groups within the community, and setting an example for new players. As we get our feet wet with these first Engineers we’ll continue to invite more leaders in the community to take part, so keep being excellent to each other.

Have your met Alain?


In The Studio

In game news, we released a PS4 update! This patch has been a long time coming, delayed by hurricanes both in Houston and Florida and eventually merged into one massive update, but Battle Bonus in finally on both platforms. There are a slew of content added in this patch I won’t get into here, but if you’re on PS4 or thinking about playing Dreadnought on console this is the time! This update puts the PS4 version of the game not too far behind PC, and the team is already looking at the next update and how we can further close that gap. To everyone playing Dreadnought and reporting bugs and giving us feedback: thank you!

We don’t have much to report on the PC front this week, the team is still hard at work locking down Game Update 1.9.5. This update should check off more of our goals outlined in the DN Roadmap and is host to many player-requested improvements we’re all very excited to get in your hands. As mentioned last week this patch should be landing in the early half of next month.


On the technical support side, this week we could use your help! One of the most common pieces of feedback we receive is from PC players saying that updating takes a while. Our tech team is looking to improve our launcher download speeds for that they need data on where some of the symptoms lie.

Detailed fully in this thread are two ways you can run some basic commands and generate a ton of helpful information for the team. Don’t forget to email it to us directly! We want to keep your IP info private. We appreciate the help, captains.

Player of the Week

This week we are throwing the spotlight on a long-time, awesome member of the community: Jawayne! Jawayne is one of our most helpful veterans in Dreadnought, and when I asked the team who we should highlight as part of this weekly update he got unanimous votes. We took a brief moment to chat with Jawayne about his time in-game.

So Jawayne, what first made you want to play Dreadnought?
“The big ships! There are many fighter games out there, but I personally prefer the slower, tactical and more management-oriented combat/gameplay of the larger ships in the game.”

Folks might have seen you around in the community, what are you usually up to?
“Besides trying to educate people on Discord in the #game-advice channel about the many hidden things of DN, I usually hide in my T5s in the legendary games.”

Have a favorite memory or awesome moment in-game?
“No, I’m always on the hunt for the next, more awesome moment.”

What’s your favorite ship? Least favorite?
“My favourite ships are the Dreadnoughts, so currently it is the Zmey (Akula Vektor T5 medium Dreadnought), I however try to bring more than just Dreads as I think a versatile fleet, and team, has better chances of winning.

My least favourite ships are the Tacticals. I don't like to heal. Reason why my favourite Tac line is the Jupiter Arms line, no staring at friendly ships butts, but still possible to heal via the Repair Autobeams. Which makes the Akula Vektor Tacticals my least favourite ships.”

Got anything you wanna shout-out or share with your fellow captains?
“Charge! Also follow the slowest Dread, as long as it does not camp! The faster ones want to stealthily flank and will lead you into your demise.”

Fear not Jawayne, I’ll heal you any time. If you’re new to the game, seeking advice and assistance, or just looking for a friendly captain, hop on over to the Discord server he mentioned and make some squadmates.

We’re still working out the details on arrival times, but will be granting each Player of the Week an exclusive cosmetic item only available via community activities. We’ll have a new spotlight to shine every week, so keep it up!

Community Creations

And speaking of awesome community activities, here’s some awesome stuff the community shared with us this week.

[PSF]Polarissb was kind enough to make a Know Your Ships visual guide

Finn kinda goes overboard on the definition of a “target rich environment”

Draggomeer takes out a drive-by Corvette and makes it look easy

[NUT]DerTrueForce shares a masterful sketch of a Tugarin-inspired ship

[SOS]SpartanTrex illustrates why there is no friendly fire in the game

Bonus shout-out to him for completing “Research 15 Tier-V Ships

And that’s all she wrote for this week, captains! We have a ton of fun stuff planned on social media next week so be on the lookout, and if you have an awesome coating or other cosmetic in your sights (might I suggest Bun-Bun’s) be sure to hit up our contests mentioned above to win some GP. We’ll be back next time with more updates on the game and what y’all have been up to. If there is anything in particular you think should be added to this news (a cool clip/ art piece, question you’d like answered, deeper dive into a particular topic, etc) drop me a line in the forums, your feedback is always welcome!

See you in orbit,