This time, we’re preparing for war!

Another week down, another Community Update. This week saw the introduction of our newest streaming guru, Kyle! He took the helm for a PlayStation 4-centric livestream, showing off the latest update and talking about his upcoming plans for our Twitch platform. If you missed this awesomeness, here’s the VOD. If you’re creating content for Dreadnought be sure to drop him a line, we’d love to help!

Remember that suave Alain guy we showed off last week? Well our social media expert Tim made a whole slew of them! We’ll keep getting familiar with a member of the community team here every week, but if you want to spoil yourself and meet us all at once go here.

We also got a ton of great responses to our call out for trace logs as part of our effort to diagnose and reduce download times, thanks everyone who sent in! If you’d like to assist, we could always use more data; follow the instructions here.

Have You Met Timo?

In The Studio

On the PC side of the tracks, we are closing in on the release of Game Update 1.9.5! As we have teased or broken down in the Dev Roadmap, this update is host to (among other things) 4-man Squads, an increase in XP for Hero Ships, Orbit screen improvements, and the option to show Damage Numbers. We’re also continuing to make balance changes, this time targeting Corvettes.

As a refresher, full patch notes with bug fixes and more details will be posted once we are in, or just after, server maintenance. We feel pretty confident this update is going to be released later next week, and will announce exact maintenance times as soon as we have them. Look for Timo on our Twitch channel to wrangle up the developers for another in-depth chat about the sweetness of 1.9.5 once it’s released.

For the PS4, we pushed a hotfix on Tuesday to fix some critical translation and stability issues. The team is hard at work on the next update, set to put PS4 around the 1.9.0-1.9.1 update space, and say it’ll be ready for live in about a month. As this coalesces into a more solid patch, we’ll update you with an exact date ASAP.

Our team is cooking up some fun stuff on the community side of things to round out the year, so look forward to a pretty packed two months :)

Player of the Week

This week we are celebrating the awesome work of Polarissb, long-time Dreadnought player and newbie-helper extraordinaire! He took some time away from answering community questions to respond to some of our own.

//Hey Polarissb, I suppose we'd start off with a bit on yourself and how you got started in the Dreadnought community.
[TFAI] Polarissb - “My first contact with Dreadnought was seeing the E3 trailer from 2015. It made a good impact, I loved the way it started with traditional "epic space fight" tropes and then casually squashed them at the end. I'm a big Star Wars fan, so the idea of capital ship combat got my attention.

After that I followed the progress and videos for a bit until I got lucky enough to land an alpha key.

From there, I just had fun exploring some of the different off-the-wall strategies I could put together. It was a different animal back then, since things were 5v5 and all the players were new, so things worked then that wouldn't now. 

I got involved with the community after I got heavily into tactical cruiser play and helped Imrahil with some guides to different playstyles and builds (which are still on the now-defunct wiki).”

//Things were super different back in Alpha! Are those guides what got you into being an @KnowledgeBase resource for the Discord?
[TFAI] Polarissb - “Not so much. I'd say it was more being an alpha player. Once P2.0 rolled around I found myself as one of the more experienced players in the game, and when things changed (like how tactical cruiser beams started affecting things in pulses instead of continuously) I was pretty aware of it. I started looking into the datamine to figure out how things were actually working and learned a lot of stuff. 

But really, just having been in the alpha meant I had experience with modules and strategies most people (including myself) hadn't even unlocked in the new progression.”

//What would you say is the most common question you say you get, or the most frequent advice you give?
[TFAI] Polarissb - “There's always the classic "which ship should I get" or "which ships are good?" My usual answer to that is that all the lines you start with at Tier I are reliable throughout the game. The other one is just generally "What's some advice for new players?" to which I say, always keep moving.

Sitting still, even if you think you're in a safe spot, makes you an easy target for artillery and people who flank. 

At least bobbing up and down makes you much more likely to survive (something I hear the AI bot arties will be learning soon)”

//Hard to do sometimes as a beefy Dreadnought :P
[TFAI] Polarissb - “Once someone gets into playing a dreadnought, I think they have a good enough idea of how to manage incoming fire. Moving isn't always the best strategy, but it's an excellent rule of thumb for beginners. And it's not that impossible - little tidbit from the datamine, dreadnoughts triple their vertical speed when you put power to engines.

On the note of gears under the hood though, I don't mind if some of them stay out of sight. Knowing how much boost you get out of a destroyer's Weapon Amplifier is good, but things like Kreshnik guns arcing and doing AoE damage can be learned by experience as you become familiar with the game. You have to strike a balance between what you know intellectually and what you learn by feel.

I mostly consult the datamine to answer specific questions from people or to see what kinds of things can be done for the next crazy build.”

//You've been playing Dreadnought for quite some time, starting in the Alpha and all, any favorite memories or moments?
[TFAI] Polarissb - “Three. The first one was maybe my fourth or fifth game, on Rings of Saturn. I'd just gotten Module Reboot on my destroyer, so I did a berserk charge  right out the gate and lobbed two Goliath torpedos at the other team before I died for a total of three kills.

Second was the first time I equipped Stasis Beam on an Aion and got to use it on Dragoneer (not Draggommer) back when three Vindictas with Purge Ram was the meta. It felt good helping break the meta a bit.

Third was an accident, but it showed just how powerful the right set of officer briefings can be. I was playing Athos destroyer, chasing down a wounded Invictus dreadnought. I did a blind warp onto it to find that not one but two Aions had just come into position to heal it. I fired Storm Missiles at one tac, Torpedo Salvo at the second, and Drain Pulsed all three while shooting Tac #1. It went down - I had Module Recycler so I immediately got a second torpedo salvo, which I unloaded again at Tac #2 while shooting. The second salvo of torpedos got the tac and reloaded all four of my modules, so I was able to deliver the coup de grace of torpedos, storm missiles, and a second drain pulse to the dreadnought and warp away from the missiles it launched at me with about 5000 hp left. The whole exchange happened in about 12 seconds and I walked away with three kills.”

//Hot damn! Right on man, thanks for taking the time to chat. Is there anything you'd like to say before we let you get back to playing/helping/being awesome?
[TFAI] Polarissb - “If I were to say one thing, I guess it all comes down to my personal philosophy on games. I play to have fun, not to win (though that's normally fun) or to complete everything. Dreadnought keeps me coming back because I can keep trying out different things and having fun. Progression is secondary. That's how I feel about it, anyway.”

Thanks for being such a fantastic resource to the community! If you’re out there looking for some guidance, why not hit up the “@Knowledge Base” crew? Next week’s highlight will be on another stellar captain out there, keep up the amazing work everyone!

Community Creations

The Dreadnought Horror Story Halloween Contest has wrapped on the forums and three winners have been selected to receive 500GP on the platform of their choice! Here are the winners along with a snippet of their winning entries..

vickdalentine99 - “I wondered: was this a manifestation of Moloch? Had I displeased him again? Though Moloch is bright and almighty, this flicker of spindly arms and craggy flesh was horrifying. It turned my stomach at the sight, and I became at once aware of a choking, putrid smell.”

tiroman76 - “I stood speechless, and my eyes shot up to the edge of the canyon as a sickly horn resounded, similar to that of a broken trumpet. There, among the ice, floated the vessel in all its Hammered steel and demonic glory, its arc turrets still glowing red, fresh from firing.”

sbcmarine - “Feeling that we're walking into a trap by rouge captains I signaled the ship to go into Caution Mode and ordered a full scan of the area for rouge ships and of course get a closer scan of the distress beacon.”

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to everyone that took the time to enter! It was REALLY hard to select the winners as they were all great! If you were interested in reading the other stories, you can check them out right here!

And with that we say “adieu”, captains! We do want to give one more shout out to ConstantlyCalibrating, who will be featuring Dreadnought as part of his 24-hour livestream for charity this weekend at 4 pm CT! If you can, why not swing by and show him some support?

We have a busy week ahead of us, so don’t touch that social media dial too keep up with all the latest and greatest Dreadnought news. There is still time to get your PS4 gameplay clip submitted for the Deep Space Documentation contest for a chance at that Hunter’s Pack! 

See you in orbit,