This time, we launched into the stars!

Whew, what a week! We’re coming at ya at the beginning of this week for the Community Update to recap you on all the awesome things going on in the Dreadnought-verse.

The biggest thing being, we launched Dreadnought out of beta on PS4! This past week was a huge milestone for everyone working on the game, and we cannot be more excited to share Dreadnought with more and more gamers on console. Kyle sat down with Live Producer Laurence on Twitch to talk about what this means for both PC and PS4 and what the road ahead looks like, give it a view! Launching out of beta on PS4 is really the start of a larger conversation, with more awesome updates on the way early next year when we hope to give PC the same celebration.

This weekend also saw the completion of Havoc Charity Challenge, an in-game event that pitted three teams of pro streamers against one another to see who could reach the furthest wave in PS4’s Havoc Mode. It was neck-in-neck up to the very last round, and we are proud to congratulate Gigz, Elajjaz, and Realkraftyy of the Jutland Juggernauts for taking the quickest time to Wave 8. Along with bragging rights, they will get a $10,000 donation to the Save The Children charity for their win. Think you can do better? The Havocalypse event is your opportunity to prove it.

To keep the Twitch ball rollin’, Dreadnought now has Twitch Drops! Simply link your Twitch account with your Grey Box one in our Account Settings and watch any Twitch livestream playing Dreadnought and you can get free stuff! With Twitch Drops, you can get exclusive cosmetics, in-game Credits, and even the Hanuman Hero Ship by watching someone play the game. We are still working out the kinks with this system and Drops may come and go as we include more items to roll on or work out some bugs. Check out the directory on Twitch and support the community members streaming Dreadnought!

Jupiter Arms is gaining speed on PC in Corporate Takeover, but Akula Vektor is dominating their campaign on PS4. Remember, all Score you generate in a match throws support behind that ship’s manufacturer so vote for the Coating you want with your gameplay! You can track the ongoing war effort and get more details about Corporate Takeover here.

In The Studio

The craziness of PS4 launch is still in full swing here, with the team working overtime as players continue to pour in. The thing on everyone’s lips: what’s next. The devs are hard at work on our first post-launch update for PS4, set to release in January. Others are monitoring the data and feedback we are getting from the live servers, and working to fix issues that pop up. We performed an emergency maintenance on Saturday to fix a reported crash bug, and are identifying what we can do to fix some of the remaining instability we are seeing. Reports of laggy Hangars and long load times aren’t being ignored either, and resolutions to these forthcoming. 2018 is looking to be our busiest update year ever. Buckle up PS4 owners, this is where the fun begins.

And don’t worry PC, we haven’t forgotten about you. PC 1.10 is slated for release this week, with the finishing touches being put on as we speak. Along with another round of balance changes, this update rewrites the book on how you unlock ships in-game. Instead of following a prescribed path of modules in the tech tree to unlock a ship, 1.10 gives captains more freedom in which modules they want to unlock to get to the next tier. Now, simply researching and unlocking a set number of modules in a ship tree will automatically unlock the next ship for you! Modules are still grouped by slot, but gone are the mandatory modules you would have to research to progress. Pick what you want! Expect full patch notes for PC Game Update 1.10 closer to the actual maintenance time.

Coming along with PC 1.10 is an update to a few Hero Ships. We’ve heard your feedback and reviewed the data. The loadouts for the Zaratan and Trident Hero Ships were not on par with the most competitive builds available and we are going to be updating these ships. If you purchased the Zaratan or Trident prior to 1.10, you will soon have two versions in your Hangar: one with the new loadout detailed below, and another labeled “Vintage” with the previous loadout. However, if you purchase the Trident or Zaratan AFTER 1.10, you will only receive that ship with its newer, updated loadout. We’re eager to hear your feedback on this improvement.


Primary Module: Nuclear Missile IV

Secondary Module: Light Missiles IV (was Triad Pods IV)

Perimeter Module: Anti Missile Lasers IV (was Heavy Autoguns IV)

Internal Module: Warp Jump IV (was Endurance Mode IV)

Perk 1: Retaliator (was Desperate Measures)

Perk 2: Module Amper (was Survival Instinct)

Perk 3: Engine Rigger (was Slow and Steady)

Perk 4: Adrenaline Shot (was Reinforced)


Primary Module: Plasma Ram IV (was Purge Ram IV)

Secondary Module: Disruptor Missile IV

Perimeter Module: Drain Pulse IV (was Protean Autoguns IV)

Internal Module: Energy Generator IV (was Thrust Amplifier IV)

Perk 1: Module Recycler (was Communications 101)

Perk 2: Module Amper (was Destruction Cascade)

Perk 3: Engine Rigger (was Navigation Expert)

Perk 4:  Get On My Good Side (was Tip The Scales)

And if that wasn’t enough, our Platform team also found the time to update our game forums! While most of the changes were to our admin tools, improving our Dreadnought Engineers volunteers program in the process, all users will benefit from this update. You might have noticed the bell icon next to your profile avatar; this Notification tracker now signals to you whenever someone has commented on your thread, sent you a message, or responded to a thread you’re subscribed to. And speaking of messages, the Private Message system was completely redesigned, give it a whirl! We’ve also added an “upvote” ticker to every post, shaped like a thumbs-up. Like what someone had to say or agree with them? Instead of “same” or “+1” this tracks how many times you and everyone else liked that post! And finally, our Report system has been greatly improved. If ever you see a post that shouldn’t belong on our forums, reporting it is the best way to see it removed. Just like in-game, we rely a lot on your feedback and issue reporting so if you see something wonky on the forums let us know!


We’ve noticed a few issues this past week that we want to make sure everyone is aware of.

With Twitch Drops, we are aware that PC players will not receive an in-game notification showing you your reward. Check the Twitch Drops announcement article for the full loot drop list and if you cannot identify what your Drop was, our Customer Support team can identify it for you. We are working to improve this in future updates.

We are also still investigating crash reports on PS4. The hotfix on Saturday resolved one of the main causes, but if you see a crash please let us know!

As mentioned above, the new forums can sometimes be a bit silly. If a page fails to load or leads you to an error message, first try reloading the page and if it persists reach out to us or a CM.

Good hunting!

Community Creation of the Week

RandyMaBob shows us how to properly slice a Dreadnought

And, scene! Got some thoughts on this Community Update? Let us know in this discussion thread. Game updates coming out left and right, new contests and events everywhere, it can be hard keeping it all straight. Our Facebook and Twitter are your best resource for the most up-to-date news about Dreadnought. Wanna get in touch with other captains? The community-run Discord is where it’s at. Look forward to the next community update where we take a look back at this year and give a glimpse into what’s to come! 

See you in orbit,