This week, we’re noses down bringing you awesome new content!

As we are heading into the end of March, there is a lot in the works we are excited to unveil in the next few weeks. Our EU team will be back on Twitch next week for our German and French-speaking players! If you missed this week’s Community Upload stream where we played Custom Matches with our friends on PS4 and showed off some of the activities the community has been up to, catch the VOD here. Kyle will be back in front of the camera on Tuesday April 3rd with April’s Monthly Upload. Please note, this is not our usual Wednesday time as he’s going to PAX East!

That’s right, our very own Streaming Relations Manager Kyle is going to be heading to Boston! If you’re attending PAX East be on the lookout on our Twitter page and on the show floor in order to snag some of the goodies we’ll be giving away.

Along with Spring bringing new items to the in-game Market, we also rolled out some new pricings for Coatings, Emblems, and Decals. Similar to Hero Ships being on different tiers having different GP costs, some Coatings may be more elaborate than others and have prices to match. We are incredibly interested in your feedback on these updates and look forward to making continuous improvements.

These Market updates coincide with new offers like the Syndicate Bundle, a group of items available at an incredible discount for this month only! The individual items remain, but the group price will only be available this month. We will be bringing a new bundle discount online next month, so look forward to more soon! We will also be introducing more bundle items for purchase with real-world currency, as it is more friendly for newer players coming to Dreadnought.

Here’s a preview of the next ship to join the PC market!

Phoenix Tease

In The Studio

Our PC and PS4 teams are chugging away at the next game updates, targeting a late April release for both.

On PS4, Patch 3 will combine the features present in PC 1.9.5 up to the most recent update 1.11.1! Like we mentioned on stream this week, we are finalizing the details on a big announcement for PS4 players we hope to speak more on next week. We’ve heard your feedback on matchmaking quality and queue times, and aim to address these concerns soon.

The PC team is hard at work on Update 1.12, which will feature a first look at a new game mode! We are eager to get your feedback on how it compliments the gameplay of Dreadnought and will be rolling out more details on the mode in the coming week. Stay tuned!


Our team recently addressed an issue with a small number of player accounts that inappropriately had the Hactar ship bits available on PC. This Hero Ship is a PS4 exclusive and were replaced with the default Cattaro vanity. We apologize for any inconvenience with this, and have confirmed no gameplay-based progress was affected.

Community Creations

SRW Ianir lays down the hurt with a 19-kill game as the Murometz!

We continue to be impressed by Captain Jack’s gameplay, check it out!

IllusionWithDeath does a great job breaking down the Voronezh with some helpful tips!

Check out our Dreadnought subreddit and Discord! We’ll be kicking off a few contests on social media in the next few weeks that put you in the developer seat too, so keep those radars at max range.

See you in orbit,