It’s been an incredible May so far, and there’s still more on the way!

Earlier this month we announced on our Monthly Upload show that Dreadnought is coming to Steam in Q3 2018! If you missed it, here’s the VOD:

The next major update for Dreadnought will have our first implementation of this brand new UI and all the exciting optimization improvements that comes with the overhaul. Kyle and Christian also touched on Havoc coming to PC for Steam Launch, the additional languages being added, and that these updates will allow us to get the same update out on both platforms within days of one another!

Our next livestream had us sitting down with Head of Production Frank Lucero to talk about his time in the game industry, how he got started, and what he recommends aspiring devs do to get their foot in the door. Watch the full spotlight here.

May’s Community Challenge is off to a strong start, with everyone going into this weekend having made a solid dent in Goal Two’s “123,000 Modules Researched” target. You can follow the community’s progress in our article here. This month’s Community Challenges have a super awesome reward for Goal Three: the exclusive Sign of Deeds Decal. This decal evolves and increases in ferocity as you participate in community events. Monthly challenges, contests, moments where a CM “just feels like it” because your forum post was awesome; all of these could level up your Sign of Deeds, allowing you to show off to fellow captains your dedication and prestige!

May 18 DN_CommunityChallenge_Tracker_EN_1920x1080_Update01.png

Speaking of decals, we’re making one with your assistance! Our art team is collaborating with your input to make a FREE decal from one of three upcoming factions: Troja, Federal Earth, or Enyo. You can read more about these factions’ backstories and vote on your favorite direction in this post. Every week we’ll update you with either our Art Team’s progress or new options for you to select. The resulting decal will make its way to the in-game market on PC and PS4 for free!

Lastly, Twitch Drops are back! Whether you’re a streamer or viewer now is a great time to get more involved in Dreadnought, as the process to get rewarded for watching streams super easy. Read the full details and drop contents here. Be sure to tune in to your favorite streamer and snag that Hero Ship!

In The Studio

At the top of the month Mike Donatelli gave us a glimpse into what the team is working on, and progress has been stellar! The team wants to thank every player for being so patient with us these past few downtimes as we push some critical backend updates that will start bearing fruit soon. On the plus side, our maintenance times have gotten significantly shorter since the changes in 1.11 were introduced, with our most recent downtime being only 20 minutes!

As we look to next week, we are aiming to release patches on both PC and PS4 focused on bug fixes and balance changes. Keep an eye out our @GreyBoxCS twitter feed or the Server Status section of the forums for the latest info on when these downtimes are to take place. We’ll work to get the full list of patch notes up ahead of release.

And remember, PS4 Region Merge is taking place at the end of May! This should not affect the majority of our PS4 players as they are only in either the NA or EU region, and for players with both we are taking the region with the highest in-game progression. The result is lower queue times and the long-requested ability to squad and play with your friends across the pond!

Looking to the horizon, we’ll soon be releasing more details about the next major update 1.13 and the UI Overhaul that comes with it in the coming weeks. Expect more previews and check-ins from the dev team on their progress and activities as we head to Steam Launch, it’s all hands on deck and we couldn’t be more excited!


We have gotten reports that some users are having trouble logging in after receiving a Twitch Drop. This can be caused by a back-up in our systems getting the item to you, particularly if you have multiple Drops arriving at once (Drops are delivered when you log back in to Dreadnought). If you are experiencing log-in problems, we recommend restarting the game client. Don’t worry, your rewards will still be there waiting for you :)

Community Creations!

Starting this awesomeness off is Koku_Rou with an impressively edited 9-0 highlight reel!

We were going to highlight RandyMaBob’s Demeter video, but then he went and released a fantastic 101 breakdown of Officer Briefings!

Ravensfang shows us some amazing, and incredibly metal, Corvette maneuvering!

Everyone’s favorite frenchman KrustyLow digs deep to save fellow captain JamesJamesJames!

Last but not least, Dreadnought Partner GrimmHammer is going to be running a charity event benefiting St. Jude’s on May 21st starting at 1:00 PM CDT. Throw him a follow and be sure to tune in!

That about does it for this update captains :) Be sure to follow our social channels for the latest and greatest about Dreadnought and wishlist us on Steam! There’s a lot to be excited about coming soon (hint hint) and we want you to be a part of it!

See you in orbit,