Balance changes:

Scylla Torpedo changes

- Damage radius increased from 240 to 400

- Increased thrust from 20000 to 25000, 30000, and 35000.

- Inreased tracking time from 3.5s to 6s, 7s, and 8s.

Light Particle Turret changes

- Increased damage at long range for all tiers. from 260, 300, and 330 to 625, 750, and 900.

Rapid fire changes

- Increased weapon cooldown reduction times from -21%, -26%, -32%, and -40% to -55%, -60%, -65%, and -70%. To bring the benefit for Light Snipers closer to the same as Medium and Heavy Snipers.

Sniper M and Light tweaks

- Increased T5 Medium Sniper damage so that it is an increase from T4. T4 damage is 5500 and T5 was 5000 which I changed to 6000.

- Decreased Light Sniper refire time to 0.2s at all tiers and reduced reload time per tier from 3.2s to 3.2s, 3.0s, 2.8s, 2.5s.

Bug Fixes:

- Artillery pods and Tesla pods now have larger collision to match their actual geometry.

- Artillery pods now show explosion effect when destroyed.

- Fixed Cloak modules so that they go on cooldown when broken.

- [PS4] - Paging right now works using R1 when selecting modules.

- Fixed Rapid fire active time so that it matches actual duration.