Bug Fixes


  • AI kills now count toward contracts as long as you are playing a PvP mode.  

    • Note that this doesn't include Proving Grounds mode.

Ship Customization

  • Engine color when previewing ship coatings now updates correctly.

Captain Customization

  • Pulled the camera back so you can see the outfit better. You can still zoom in to see the head as before.

PS4 Notifications 

  • Final notification no longer processes input on the notification and the screen underneath.

PC Game Mode: Team Elimination 

  • This mode was disabled due to some logic issues on PC over a year ago. Since then we have made several general fixes that may have cleared up issues with TE but it can be difficult for us to find certain edge cases in this mode.

  • Please let us know if you encounter any issues with Team Elimination. You can report anything you find by reaching out to us on Discord or by submitting a CS ticket through the in-game bug reporter.

  • This will not be part of "Any" in matchmaking so if you wish to play TE, please select the mode specifically.  *

  • The minimum number of players in this mode is 5 up to 8. 

  • AI settings will allow 4 bots per team in Recruit, 2 bots per team in Veteran and no bots allowed in Legendary.

*A reminder that if you wish to send us bug reports or feedback or find squads and teammates to play something like 4 squads of 4 Team Elimination mode then you can contact the Dreadnought community through Discord at 

Market Updates

New Vanity Item:

  • Memento Mori Mask

    • This mask is a tribute to the crew who have died saving their ship and fellow crew

New bundles:

  • Voyager Bundle

    • This includes the Singularity Leap Decals and the Valmont Coating

  • Hunter Bundle

    • This includes the Arash Hero Ship along with the Neptune Hunter Hat and Outfit

Market update: 

  • Look for changes in sale items and cycled coatings and decals. 

  • We decided to leave the holiday items up for another month for those that want to grab them before they go away.