Bug Fixes

  • Retrofits now appear in the market again.

    • They were hidden last update due to a search filter bug

  • Announcements work again.

    • We have had a very hard time communicating with players in the game due to this lost functionality. These announcements will appear in the notifications bar in the top center of the hangar, and in the chat window while in a game. The announcements can be hidden if your Notifications window is minimized, but you will see a number indicating the number of notifications you have. make sure to check them in case there is an important message.

    • These should be highly visible on PS4 and during PC matches.

    • The announcements in the PC Hangar could be hidden if your Notifications window is minimized.

  • Siege Mode should no longer be invisible.

    • We have been working on why this happens and feel like we have found the answer. Our ability to reproduce the issue has always been poor, so please let us know if this is still occurring in matches.

  • PS4 - Texture quality on ships improved.

  • Max Health Status Effects

    • Fixed Max health buffs so that when max health is increased, you stay at the same percentage of total health. Reducing max health doesn't take health away unless it would be higher than your new max health. 

    • For example, if you have 1000 max health, are currently at 800 health and gain 50% max health, your max health would be 1500 and your current health would be 1200, keeping you at your original 80% of max health. If you then lost the buff, your max health would go back to 1000 and current health would go down to 1000 to keep you within your max health.

Balance Changes

  • Heavy Tac health increased

    • We have gotten many complaints that the Heavy tactical cruiser really didn't have the health increase that would counter the slower move speed. To rectify this, we have increased the max health of the Akula Vector Tactical Cruiser to fit more into its armored aesthetic. 

    • T4 Koschei 27500 from 25000

    • T5 Ohkta 30000 from 27500

  • Siege Mode per projectile damage decreased

    • We have seen that Siege mode is still a bit overpowered. The amount of damage especially at lower tiers was a bit much with no real tools to avoid it.  We decided to reduce the damage a bit more to reduce the hurt. It will still deliver quite a punch, so avoid it if you can.

    • T0 Damage 3000 from 4050

    • T1 Damage 3500 from 4050

    • T2 Damage 3750 from 4050

    • T3 Damage 4050 from 5062

    • T4 Damage 5060 from 6075

    • T5 Damage 6075 from 7090

  • Oberon Corvette primary weapon damage and ammo capacity increased at tiers 4 and 5.

    • The July update reduced the number of projectiles per shot at T4 and T5 and as a result, even with the increased fire rate, the amount of damage was going down per tier. This was an oversight and to correct this while keeping the same feel, we decided to increase the ammo count per clip to get us closer to the right number of projectiles while increasing the damage to account for the overall reduction in number of projectiles.  The damage for these tiers has been increased dramatically and should be closer to expectations. Please let us know how it feels as a drastic change like this needs to be watched closely.

    • T4 Medusa low/mid/high from 100/125/375 to 155/255/615, Ammo magazine size from 20 to 30. Weapon cooldown stays at .2s

    • T5 Mithras low/mid/high from 90/110/300 to 155/255/615, Ammo magazine size from 20 to 30. Weapon cooldown stays at .16s

Market Update

  • Bastion Figurehead

    • This includes a figurehead and pattern for all Dreadnoughts.  It also includes a coating and decal for all your ships that goes along with the figurehead theme.

  • NanoDoc Outfit

    • New outfit based on the Oberon Nanosuit with a skeletal theme. This comes with a Captain tint based on the Bastion coating theme.

  • Ghost items are now available

    • These are the decal and colors of Sinley Bay’s own Ghost. In honor of all the work Ghost does to keep things running smoothly in Sinley bay, display it proudly to show your support.

  • Returning Seasonal items

    • All Previous Halloween themed items are now available until the next update at a reduced price.

  • Decals and Coatings cycled

    • Due to the huge volume of coatings and decals that are available we are cycling a number of them on a 3 phase month by month rotation. 

Havoc mode on PC delayed

  • We have made some decent progress but there is still more work to be done before releasing this mode on PC