Added a chat monitoring tool to recognize and mutes foul language and poor player behavior. This tool is still being fine-tuned, so please let us know here if there are any "false positives" that the monitoring service identifies.

Updated the Dreadnought launcher to match the new visual style of the website.


  • Cooldown added to enemies for Disruption & Purge modules is reduced by 50%
  • Stasis Beam (Tactical Cruiser) no longer drains a target's energy
  • Stasis Beam (Tactical Cruiser) no longer reduces the user's defenses and energy
  • Purge Ram (Destroyer) no longer has an area of effect and will apply its Purge to single targets, like the Plasma Ram

Shop Updates

  • New items have been added to the shop!
  • The PDX LAN bundle has been added for players attending the PDXLAN 28 event
  • Removed the Silesia Decal from individual purchase in the shop, consistent with other Hero Ship items
  • The 'Dev Headhunt' event items have been added, players who participated will soon be granted their bounty reward
  • Players who attended our booth at PAX SOUTH will soon be granted their exclusive decal
  • Some shop item prices have been adjusted, both up and down
    • Please note that while we are in closed beta shop prices will continue to fluctuate until we fully launch. We are not removing FP or GP as purchasing options for items where it already existed. Also keep in mind that once we do hit the live launch (or any wipe) all GP you have spent/purchased will be regranted to you (not the actual items you bought) as well as any bundles such as Founder's Packs

  • Fixed an issue where the matchmaker would not properly pull 10 players into the game once in a queue
  • Fixed various game crashes

Patch Notes We Missed

As many of our players have noticed, we missed a few patch note items in the maintenance that occurred on July 5th. We are improving our process so this doesn't happen in the future, and here are the items we failed to include in last week's notes:

  • Some Modules have been renamed;
    • Dreadnought
      • Afterburner is now Assault Thrusters
      • Weapon Amplifier is now Onslaught Mode
    • Tactical Cruiser
      • Flechette Missiles is now Flechette Half-Battery
      • Armor Amplifier is now Armored Lockdown
    • Corvette
      • Weapon Amplifier is now Kinetic Weapon Amplifier
      • Armor Amplifier is now Kinetic Armor Amplifier
  • The Talionis has been renamed to Vindicta
  • Some Tattoo Captain Cosmetics have been updated
  • Target Blink Warp (Corvette) now has a charge up time