I am happy to pen our first Producer Letter and as we reflect over the last year of Dreadnought's development, excitement doesn't begin to describe how we feel about 2016. Much and more is done and/or planned that we are extremely excited to share with you. In the spirit of reflection however, I want to write this letter to give you an idea about where we're at, where we're going, and some vague timeframes that we plan to elaborate on in the first quarter of 2016.

We've just finished the final testing session in our closed pre-alpha. We invited a small group of friends and even players who were devoted enough to brave the long queues over and over again at some of our recent events. This proved helpful in identifying the most important points for improvement. The team is heads down working on additional content, gameplay balance, additional maps & modes, and a handful of other things that we may or may not implement into the game.

Let's talk about where we're at with Dreadnought. We've created a class based sci fi action game with highly customizable spaceships, intense team based 5v5 PvP arena combat, persistent player progression and the freedom to customize every aspect of your vessel, including weapons systems, crew abilities, hull decals and more. Dreadnought is Free to Play, and we're going to operate the game like a service. That means we will be supporting it in real time with content updates, balance changes, world class customer service and an active presence from the team. The game is incredibly fun as it is, but we have some work left before we open the floodgates. We also have some staffing up to do to prepare for how we're going to operate once the game is available in North America and Europe.

While we're on the topic of preparation, we've been somewhat silent this year with small, sporadic bursts of new information. This silence has been intentional. We've been heads down making big decisions, experimenting, and finely tuning many aspects of the player experience. Over the course of the last year we reflected on what we had done and decided we needed more. Not more for the sake of more but more ships, abilities, weapons, and things that provide strategic depth and longevity to the game. In 2016 you can expect to hear from us a lot more as we inch closer to our closed alpha, closed beta and eventual open beta phases of testing. In hindsight we probably announced Dreadnought earlier than we should have, but we couldn't help it! We're eager to share it with the world ... but when it's ready.

You want to know more about 2016, don't you? Well, we're currently planning to roll into closed alpha sometime in January / February, and from there we're planning to add a lot more players than we have to date. To date, we've only invited less than 5% of those of you who've applied to gain access to the game. In closed alpha we're planning to increase that amount gradually, but closed beta is when we're going to blow the doors off the hinges and begin to open the floodgates. We're hoping to be in closed beta in the first half of 2016, but that could always change depending on discoveries made in closed alpha. If you haven't already you can sign up for Dreadnought closed beta now!

As we move forward, these Producer letters will become more and more frequent until they eventually settle into their appropriate final cadence. ...and as we move through our upcoming test phases, your feedback will be critical in assuring Dreadnought's success. We will not simply be listening to what you are saying, we will be monitoring what you are actually doing in the game itself. This will allow us to make appropriate decisions based upon not only sentiment but facts. Dreadnought is still very much a work in progress. We will be experimenting, tweaking, balancing, adding and subtracting features and we are eager to share all of this with you and have you help us shape its future.

With that said... I look forward to destroying you in the vast, cold, recesses of space and working with you to ensure Dreadnought obliterates, demolishes and explodes your expectations.

Frank "Kellion" Lucero

Sr.Producer | Dreadnought Team